When you buy a car off the lot, one of the best parts is how shiny and new it looks. Maintaining your car to look as good as new for years should not be costly. But this leaves many asking for tips to keep your family car Looking New. You only need proper responsibility and consideration to keep your vehicle sparkling.

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Washing and waxing help preserve the brightness of the car paint. Vacuuming also helps to keep the interior of the car fresh and glamorous. However, you can do more to ensure your machine remains on tip-top. A well-maintained vehicle has a high resale value than a ride whose paint has faded and the cabin looks like a trash bin. 

Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Family Car Looking New

If you are looking for effective tips to keep your family car looking new, you have come to the right place. Check out these top seven tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape! Ensure that while taking care of your vehicle, also be prepared. Check out this post on Staying Safe while Traveling with your Family in the Car.

1. Wash Your Car Frequently

Washing your car is an essential car care tip that shouldn’t be missed. It is recommended that you wash your car at least once a week. Regular cleaning retains its look and helps get rid of dirt, grime, dead bugs, and dust that make it look grey.

Also, make sure to keep the undercarriage clean. While this area isn’t noticed often, it is essential to maintain it as well. Mud can accumulate underneath and lead to corrosion, rust, and related issues.

Make sure to clean your tires and hubcaps as well. Not only will it keep corrosion of the wheel wells down, but it also helps to make your car look spic and span!

2. Clean any Stoop on your car

Bird droppings are enemy number one to vehicles. No matter how far you park away from a tree or in a clearing, birds always seem to find your car! Bird droppings are the last thing you want to have on your ride, though.

These droppings can start to etch your car paint in as short as a few hours. Since a new paint job can be extremely pricey, it’s key to clean these up as you spot it.

To curb this mess, ensure you have a bottle of quick-detail spray and a set of microfiber towels in your car. Microfiber towels are a great choice as they reduce the chance of scratching the paint while cleaning.

3. Wash the Inside of your Car

To maintain a car looking sparkling clean, it’s not only about the exterior but the interior, too. The easiest way to do this is by removing trash as you go. So, if you run through a fast-food drive-through, make sure to take the trash out when you leave the vehicle. It does not look good but creates a foul smell and can attract insects and rodents.

If you travel with little ones in two, make sure to wipe down the baby car seat, too. The back seat collects many things, including toys, trash, and other mystery items. Once a week, make sure to check under the car seat as well. You would be amazed at just how much collects behind there!

4. Do not forget to wax

Make sure to apply some wax to your car while washing it. Doing this will help your vehicle stay looking bright. Doing this also has more benefits than just an initial shine.

Waxing helps scratches, stains, and paint of the vehicle. It also protects the car paint from fading after sitting in the sun for hours.

When waxing, make sure to remove any wax from crevices and seams of the exterior. A small soft brush will get the job done quickly for you.

5. Use a Car Cover

Most car owners use car covers when they haven’t used them for some time. While this is a good time to use them, so is every day! Car covers help protect the vehicle from the sun, dirt, and damage. They help prevent insects and animals from accessing your car. 

Use an outdoor car cover if you have to park your car outside. You can choose a customized car cover if you own a large vehicle.

6. Don’t Leave Snow and ice on Your Vehicle

While some families never have to deal with ice and snow, many will have plenty this winter. However, ice and snow don’t directly damage a vehicle’s paint; the dirt and debris underneath will!

Make sure to remove ice and snow from your vehicle as soon as possible. Save the ice scraping for the windows and handles, as scraping ice off your vehicle can damage paint. For guidance on handling frozen screenwash in your car, you can find helpful information on how to unfreeze screenwash in a car. Additionally, wait until the ice and snow have melted so you can brush it off gently and avoid potential damage to your vehicle’s finish.

7. Remove the Dents

A new car doesn’t have dents and neither should your car if you want it to look like new. If you remove the little dents, it will look like they have come from the dealers’ lot. While it may seem easy, letting an expert do this bit of maintenance is best. That way you won’t risk damaging the paint.

Tips to Keep Your Family Car Looking New

By following these top seven tips to keep your family car looking like new, you will be set to maintain the value of your vehicle for many years to come!

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