No matter what kind of mom you are, the best way to show your love is through a thoughtful gift. If you’re shopping for a new mother whose baby has been born recently, think about what she would need most in her first few weeks and months as a parent. The new mum gifts and gifts for dad section grew by 72% last year, and jewelry was among the most popular categories.

Top 6 Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Moms in 2022

Jewelry is always a good choice because it can be worn daily and will be there for her when she needs extra support or encouragement. You can choose jewelry with special meaning—like an inscription engraved with the child’s name—or something simpler, like matching engraved rings for sale or bracelets.

Necklace Inscribed With the Baby’s Name

According to reports, necklaces happen to be the best-selling category worldwide. A beautiful necklace inscribed with the baby’s name is a gift they will cherish for years. The necklace can be engraved with the baby’s name and given to the mother, or it can be given directly to the baby after birth. It can even be made of silver or gold, as well as other fine or demi-fine jewelry metals, depending on your preference.

You may also choose whether you want it in the form of a pendant or chain; whichever way you go, they’re sure to make an excellent gift. The best part about this gift idea is that it will become more meaningful. As the little one grows up and becomes more aware of their surroundings, they’ll see their name around them, and what better way is there to feel loved by someone than having them acknowledge your existence? 

A Birthstone Necklace or Bracelet

A birthstone necklace or bracelet may be perfect if you want a sentimental yet practical gift. Birthstones are a great way to show your love for mom and commemorate the baby’s birth. Many options are available today, from popular stones such as diamond or ruby to rarer ones like amethyst or citrine; the possibilities are endless.

It’s important to remember that not all metals will react well with specific stones. For example, pearls or emeralds shouldn’t be worn with silver because they can oxidize over time and make them look duller than they should look (it also makes them more fragile). Instead of going with generic jewelry stores that only sell costume pieces, consider searching online shops like Etsy, where you can find handmade pieces made by artisans who specialize in creating beautiful pieces out of quality materials designed specifically for each type of stone.

You can choose jewelry with special meaning—like an inscription engraved with the child's name—or something simpler like matching rings or bracelets. Here are some ideas. Top 6 Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Moms in 2022

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are a great jewelry gift for new moms. These bracelets can be personalized with the child’s birthstone and the birthstones of their siblings, or you can use them to remember special occasions by adding charms that represent those times. Charm bracelets can be worn for any occasion, from a night out with friends to a wedding or other formal event, so they’re versatile enough for any mom to enjoy.

Charm bracelets are also great for showing off your child’s name. Many people choose an initial charm that matches their first name and add additional charms with each letter in their child’s name. If your child has an unusual name or doesn’t have an “official” spelling yet, you may decide not to get as specific as this—but either way, it will be fun collecting charms in honor of all these special people in your life.


Lockets are another excellent gift idea for new moms. They make a wonderful keepsake for the baby and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, depending on how much she likes jewelry. Lockets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so there is something for everyone to choose from. Some lockets have little compartments that reveal photos or other treasures inside; others have a mini mirror at the back so mom can check her appearance anytime without having to dig through her purse.

Another thing everyone likes about lockets is they’re perfect for storing locks of hair from your baby’s first haircut—and you don’t need a lot of space in your home because it hangs right on the wall like any other picture frame would do.

Matching Jewelry Sets for Mom and Baby

You might wonder what a baby jewelry set is and why you should get one. A baby jewelry set features pieces that match each other, like an infinity necklace or bracelet for the mom and a matching necklace or bracelet for the child. It can be a great way to document your child’s birth year and birth, month, and day.

The best part about having matching jewelry sets is that they’re both stylish and practical. The necklaces are cute but won’t break easily (unlike glass beads) while being easy enough to put on your baby’s neck without error. The bracelets are durable enough to withstand daily wear while still looking stylish with any outfit.

Ruby Gemstones

The ruby is an excellent choice for moms who like gemstones, even in red, pink, or other such colors. The color of this gemstone makes it very popular in jewelry, and many women love how they look. Some women like to wear ruby jewelry all year round, but others prefer to save it for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can give the new mom a ruby pendant necklace or earrings if you know she likes red jewelry, but if you’re unsure what she wants, then maybe try something else.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Moms

Jewelry is a great way to remind moms they are loved. The best part about giving mom a piece of jewelry is that it’s a gift that lasts for years and will be worn for many more. Even if she doesn’t wear it daily, she can always find an occasion to slip on one of these stunning jewelry pieces, so everyone knows how much you care about her.

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