The autistic child in your life brings you so much joy — but that does not mean it’s easy to buy them Christmas presents.

Over the years, you’ve learned about your child’s sensitivities. Perhaps they don’t like loud sounds, solid smells, or flashing lights. These qualities can overload your son or daughter’s senses, so a gift that includes them would be unpleasant.

Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Autistic Children

You know what your child does and doesn’t like by now. It would help if you had some Christmas gift ideas for autistic children to jog your brain and help you find the perfect present that will bring delight in all the right ways.

The holiday season will be up soon, whether you’re searching for the baby’s first Christmas gift ideas for your own bundle of joy or another little one that you love, make sure you make a checklist.

Here are our top Christmas Gift Ideas for Autistic Children

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1. A Disney+ Subscription

What’s better at Christmas than a few Disney movies? Your child might already have a favorite or two. With a Disney+ subscription, they can watch whenever they want.

Parents have long pointed to Disney movies as a great entertainment option for children with autism. Thanks to these heartwarming flicks, they can learn valuable lessons and find themselves able to relate to the world around them.

The movie Inside Out, for example, is often touted as an excellent resource for kids with autism, as it teaches them about emotions in a fun way.

So, if your kiddo likes movies, a Disney+ subscription could be on the cards this holiday season. As a bonus, your entire family will be happy to access the streaming platform, so it’s a win-win.

2. Invisalign

If you have an autistic teen to spoil this Christmas, why not consider Invisalign for their Christmas present?

Your child’s dentist has probably told you if they need an orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. For many autistic children, Invisalign makes for a better option than braces. For one thing, it’s a much more comfortable implement than metal wires and brackets — your child could be sensitive to having traditional braces in their mouths.

On top of that, the clear aligners work more quickly than braces. How long does it take for Invisalign to work, you might wonder? In most cases, the wearer completes treatment in 12 to 18 months.

This would be a big gift, but it’s one to consider for your teen. They would maintain their comfort throughout the teeth-straightening process, and, more importantly, they would feel confident with their new smile.

3. Sensory-Friendly Toys

Now, let’s focus on a few toy ideas you can wrap and throw under the tree. There are certain toys out there that have been designed with your child’s sensory needs in mind.

For example, let’s say your child has olfactory sensitivity. Montessori Scent Boxes are designed to introduce your child to new scents gently. Many kids find this process soothing to their system — no sensory overload here.

Another option is a liquid motion bubbler, the perfect stocking stuffer for a little one with visual sensory needs. The best thing about this toy is that it neither needs batteries to run nor runs out of energy. Instead, it puts on a constant, colorful show to soothe and engage your child.

Spiky gloves make an excellent gift for children with proprioception needs. The fun handwear makes them more aware of their hands’ position and grip while writing. Your little one might enjoy wearing the gloves, though, and there’s nothing terrible about that!

Finally, the Chewy Tubes Super Chew Knobby can help your little one assuage their oral sensory issues. Chewing on the toy can create the right kind of oral stimulation, which helps them overcome texture problems.

4. Sensory Room Furniture

Perhaps this is the year to make your child’s playroom or sensory room even more tailored to them.

Sensory-friendly furniture, such as the pieces from Nugget, can be moved and manipulated from couches and chairs into forts and other play zones. They’re soft to the touch and easy on the eyes, too. They will turn your bonus room into a safe, soft space and one where they can create and play.

Having such tools on hand is particularly important this year, too. As we’re all spending more time inside, it’s vital to have a place where your child feels comfortable playing. Sensory room furniture can help complete your play area and make it into the perfect recreational zone for your child with autism.

5. A Maker Crate

Does your child find solace in art? If so, consider signing them up to receive a Maker crate, a monthly delivery subscription that delivers art supplies to your doorstep.

The crates come tailored by age — even if you have a teenager to buy for, there’s a Maker crate for them. But the activities that come are both educational and engaging for your child. As we said, art and creation can be relaxing activities for children, especially those with autism.

Getting them into art can be a great benefit to both of you. You can also order yourself an adult Maker crate if you like. That way, you can craft together — a gift for everyone.

6. Books on Autism

Finally, you’ll always find books on the best gifts for autistic children. Your child gains so much from reading about other kids like them. And books with autistic characters make them feel less alone in the world.

Adventures With Big E, The Adventures of Pop Fantastic, and Cameron Goes to School are excellent choices. So, pick up a few titles that explain autism and make it easier to grasp. Your other children will also benefit from reading these books, so they’re a great family gift option.

The Best Gift Ideas For Autistic Children Start With Your Child

No one can say which are the best Christmas gift ideas for autistic children except you, the parent of this precious little one.

So, use our suggestions as a jumping-off point. From there, you’re sure to find the perfect present.

Need more excellent autism parenting advice? Check out the rest of our website!

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