Smartphones have made life easier because you can access your emails wherever you are and capture special moments on camera. The downside is that you collect too many family vacation photos that are sometimes forgotten in the phone’s memory. A family history book is a great place to start if you want to preserve your adventures. 

The top 5 ways to share family memories after vacation are keeping a travel journal, having a family history book, framing keepsakes, having an online photobook, and mapping your travel destinations. Shared memories that every family partakes in are easier to share and remember.

Top 5 Ways To Share Family Memories After Vacation

Before going on family vacations, you should have a plan of how you are going to preserve the memories you make. I’ll discuss the various ways to share and keep the memories of your family vacations alive throughout this article.

Keep Travel Journals

Family members may be going on vacation together, but each member will have a different experience. The best way to capture each person’s experience is by journaling. Get everyone a travel journal, including the kids. 

Some details of vacation experiences will not be captured in photos. The feelings and emotions can be captured in journals. Encourage your family members to write their experiences each day. 

Some snippets can be hilarious, and the family can share the details when they get together during or after the vacation. The notes in travel journals can last a lifetime and may be passed down from one generation to the next, and these memories can be shared over time. 

Family History Book

You can also keep a family history book. The book can be used entirely for family vacations or as a general book covering all aspects of the family. This book will document your family’s history using photos, stories, and timelines. 

When future generations go through the family history book, they will be fascinated by the information shared. Adding vacation details, snippets from individual travel journals, and photos can make the family history book even more exciting. 

Framing Keepsakes

Before leaving for your vacation, you should all agree on collecting souvenirs and framing them. These souvenirs will be framed and displayed so you can reminisce about your travel adventures when you all get together. 

Most of us collect items from various destinations, but then they are locked away in drawers and forgotten. Whether you collect sea shells, sand, or crafts, you can frame them or put them in display jars. Over time, you will have an amazing display from different destinations to remind you of your experiences as a family.  

Online Photobook

The online photo book is a digital version of the family history book. Instead of keeping all your photos on the phone, you can pick your favorites and collect them in the online photo book. This book can make an excellent gift, especially for older family members who can no longer go globetrotting with younger family members. 

Mapping Travel Destinations

A great way to track your travels is to map your travel adventures. Get a large map and hang it at home. Use pins or little flags to show you have visited a particular city or country. 

Every time you see the map, you will remember the exciting memories, especially if you don’t see your family often.

These are some options you can go for when sharing family memories. You’ll need to be proactive if you don’t want the memories to slowly fade. 

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