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encourage your child to explore

Growing up in the ’80s, I lived outdoors. I spent any time I could learn about the environment around me. As a mom, I am constantly reminding my children that they need to get outside and play. With all the electronics they have access to, it is easy for them to forget about the world around them.

I clearly remember playing with neighborhood kids was a regular afternoon job. Great days those were! However, living in such a technology-based world, you will hardly find kids going outdoor and having fun with neighborhood children nowadays.

How to Encourage Your Child to Explore Outdoors

Instead, most of the kids are found occupied with tech gadgets. Here are the Top 5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Explore Outdoor that I found working for my kids. Let’s get started without further due!

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encourage your child to explore
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Create A Tech-free Environment:

Nowadays, you will find most kids are busy watching cartoons on TV or playing virtual games on the computer and the internet as soon as they get back from school.

However, I made a few ground rules for the family, and surprisingly, the tech-free day worked! The rule was: No-one will turn on the TV, Computer, or PlayStation on Sunday.

Though my kids couldn’t stand it at first, when I proposed to take them to the park they were happy.

Design Kids-friendly Outdoor Space:

The second thing you can do to encourage your kids to explore the outdoor is by designing a kid-friendly space in your outdoor. You can attach a hammock or set up a baby playhouse in the yard for them to play.

Yes, they won’t respond as emphatically as you might be expecting at the very beginning giving up their favorite tech consumption. Have patience, don’t be rude to the kids, and give it a bit time so that they can find it amusing themselves.

Encourage Your Child to Explore Outdoors

Disney’s Frozen 2 Arendelle Playhouse

Introduce Your Kids to the Neighborhood:

The next thing you can do is take your kids to the neighborhood and introduce them to the neighborhood kids and be friendly with them.

At a time, your child will get used to interacting with the neighborhood boys & girls and have fun playing with them. Remember to tell your kids to invite their playmate to your home and play in your yard.

Thus, you can encourage your kids to explore the world outside the house and four walls. Once your child is a friend with the other neighborhood kids, I bet you will find it difficult taking them home for sure.

Get Some Outdoor Gears for Kids:

Yes, you read it right! Buying some outdoor gears for your child can also encourage them to explore the outdoor world sometimes. Outdoor gears like the best baby binoculars can help your child get to know the outdoor objects and entice them to go to nature.

If you can manage time, you too can take your kids to nature and take part in some outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or play hide ‘n seek, ha-ha!

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encourage your child to explore
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Give Your Kids a Room to Explore:

Along with your repeated approach to take your child outdoors, you need to be patient simultaneously. Don’t ever scold your child or even behave rudely if they don’t want to go outside. From my personal experience, I realized that making them explore the outdoor world is more important than forcing them to do so.

As a conscious parent, sometimes you may even need to do things personally to make your kids do the same. Yes, it is more practical and works better than merely ordering or forcing the kids. Allow your child to cope with the outside world and help them finding interest in outdoor activities.

Encourage Your Child to Explore Outdoors

Along with these most efficient ways to Encourage Your Child to Explore Outdoor, remember to take part in things you want them to do. Don’t just order or cast your words. Instead, practice what you do preach for a faster outcome. If you take part in the kids, it will be easier for them to stay active and enjoy outdoor activities.

I am Angelica Murdock, a working Mom with Two lovely children. I have a parenting blog where I share my personal experience as well as parenting tips, tricks, and guideline to make parenting comparatively easier for working moms like me."

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