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4 Phenomenal Tips For a Kid-Friendly Family Room

Create The Perfect Family Room

Unplugging kids from their devices can be one of a modern parent’s hardest things to do. Spending quality time together has gotten more complex as platforms like Youtube and Snapchat become increasingly popular.

Like most parents, you probably miss interacting with your child for more than five minutes before their attention inevitably goes to their phone, tablet, or tv.

Tips to Create The Perfect Family Room & Help Kids Unplug

A solution to that issue can be a designated family room; A room that is dedicated to family, togetherness, and interaction. Whether you’re converting an old room into a family room or designing one from scratch, here are some tips to get you started.

Include Entertainment

If you’re going to restrict cell phone use in this room, you need to have other forms of entertainment. Kids need something fun to focus on so they won’t turn to their phones out of boredom.

There are many fun activities to do as a family that don’t require technology. Board and card games are an excellent way to pass the time and have fun as a family. Dig out some of the board games you already have and get ready to engage in some friendly competition.

Classic games like Monopoly and Uno are always fun to play, but don’t be scared to try some new board games that you’ve never heard of before. You and your family can learn the game together and have a few laughs as you all figure it out.

Choose the Right Furniture

The entire family should enjoy this room as it’s supposed to bring you all closer and serve as a place to relax while having fun. The furniture and how it’s arranged can influence the environment of the space.

You want to purchase pieces that promote warmth and coziness. For example, a comfortable sofa that can seat everyone is an excellent addition because it lets you all stay close to one another while helping the flow of conversation.

With a big sofa, you won’t have to crane your neck awkwardly or shout to get someone’s attention. On Interiorbeat you can find furniture from +50 retailers, so they will have exactly what you are looking for

Consider All Ages

This tip is for everyone who has children of all different ages. It’s essential to design the space in a way that appeals to each of your kids. This tip is even despite the possible age differences. Doing this can be challenging because a toddler most likely will not have the same interests as a preteen.

To start, make a note of things your kids like, then decide how to incorporate them into the room. If your four-year-old loves stories, add some kid’s books to the end table to serve as decoration and entertainment. Or, if your 11-year-old’s favorite color is blue, consider painting the room blue. That way, your child feels a part of the design process.

Limit Technology

In the family room, restrict the use of cell phones. Cell phones can easily consume your child and prevent them from interacting, and you don’t want that. Consider putting the phones in a container or leaving the phones in another room.

While phones are restricted, you don’t have to limit all technology. Having a television in your family room is okay. The point of the family room is togetherness, so curling up on your sofa with your kids, drinking hot chocolate, and watching Frozen 2 together is acceptable. Once the movie is over, turn it off so they won’t get distracted and move on to the next family fun activity.

Create The Perfect Family Room & Help Kids Unplug

While getting your kids to get off their phones may be hard at first, the memories you’ll make in the family room will be worth it. These Tips to Create The Perfect Family Room & Help Kids Unplug will help set your family up for some great family bonding moments.

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