While it can be difficult and unsettling to have a sick child, things can be more difficult when you are the one who is feeling under the weather. No matter how grave you feel, your child will still require your aid and attention. This is especially true if they are not old enough to get food or partake in personal hygiene themselves.

Parenting When You Feel Unwell

This can make things vastly more complicated for you, especially if you would like nothing more than to curl up in bed and sleep off your illness. Keeping reading to learn ways to make parenting when you feel unwell easier.


When your child has to do homework or their usual learning activities, you might often help them accomplish this. When you are unwell, there is a high chance that you may not want to sit in front of a computer or have the capacity to follow along with them.

In these moments, it may be more helpful for you to try and rest and to get your child to print out instructions for their work, as well as anything they have done, for you to read from the comfort of your bed. Investing in some cheap inkjet cartridges can allow them to print out any parts of work they have completed, as well as areas they are stuck on, meaning you can still advise and support, without needing to be physically present at all times.


Making a substantial meal can take a lot of time and energy, which you may feel severely lacking. Instead, you may want to consider other options available to you. It can be a good idea to have leftovers kept in the freezer for times like this. However, it may be too late for that if you are already unwell.

One alternative could be to order takeout. While it may not be as nutritional as you want, the convenience can allow you that extra time to rest. It also can potentially help avoid contaminating food with your illness and spreading it to your children.


Even the most active of parents may not have their usual drive when illness strikes. Keeping children entertained when you don’t have the energy to take them to their usual clubs and other means of activities can seem like a significant burden.

You could sift through a list of indoor activities. This allows you to find something that can be achieved without a great deal of input from yourself. While TV and gaming usage should normally be kept to a minimum, times like these may also be where those items become your best friends, allowing you to rest while your kids are kept occupied.

Parenting When You Feel Unwell

Looking after children when you do not feel well can seem like a momentous task. By implementing a few strategies, you can do what is best for them while still considering your own needs.

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