Your child may or may not be familiar with some of the maths concepts covered in the KS3 maths curriculum. They might have a general understanding of those concepts. The tasks at this stage are more complex than the maths pupils encountered in primary school.

Due to the advancement and complexity of the concepts, your child needs to participate in several activities to understand the ideas fully and to do well in school. You should be aware that the amount of time allotted for each topic is typically shorter than that allotted for each topic in primary school. Because of these factors, this article will examine the activities you should involve your child in to improve their performance in KS3 maths.

What Are Three Ways to Boost Your Child’s KS3 Maths Skills?

There are several techniques to enhance key stage 3 maths skills. Below, the essential approaches are outlined. Let’s look at them now.

Improve your child's KS3 maths performance with daily practice, brainstorming, and access to multiple resources. Learn how to boost their confidence and problem-solving skills with this article.

1. Practising KS3 maths every day

Daily practice is one of the most efficient ways to help your child improve in KS3 maths. The relevant mathematical topics will become familiar through daily practice. Familiarity is the key to boosting your child’s courage whenever they encounter a maths idea in exams and assessments. This gives them more confidence and a hint on how to approach the problem-solving process.

The use of worksheets that include KS3 maths questions may be part of the daily practice. These worksheets have countless questions that are arranged according to the theme. The repetition that worksheets ensure is a crucial component of familiarisation in maths for key stage 3.

2. By way of brainstorming

A group problem-solving technique called brainstorming involves spontaneously introducing original ideas and solutions. This method calls for a lengthy, rambunctious conversation in which each group member is urged to contemplate aloud and offer as many ideas as possible based on their varied knowledge of maths KS3 revision.

Your child’s logical reasoning and creative thinking abilities are developed frequently when participating in these activities. This is a vital skill in mathematics. They can brainstorm with their pals or in class. You can also contribute by giving them some KS3 maths questions to discuss.

3. Through the availability of different resources

Another efficient method for raising your child’s KS3 maths performance is to give them access to multiple resources instead of restricting your child to the school’s limited classroom lessons and arithmetic resources. Additionally, you can obtain the help of a private maths tutor to instruct them at home.

You can also provide kids access to online resources and let them watch YouTube videos on various maths KS3 topics. When they miss something, they can easily check through the YouTube videos as a reminder. They only need to search for a maths topic on YouTube, and numerous solved sample problems will appear. They will develop a thorough understanding of maths KS3 topics thanks to their unrestricted access to educational materials.


Please note that there are other ways to help your child with KS3 maths topics besides the three methods mentioned in this article. But these are the cornerstones upon which many others are constructed.

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