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Before starting My Motto journey, having a straight smile seemed like an impossible task. My smile has negatively impacted my self-esteem over the years, and at times, my dental health. Having a crossbite has led to several chipped teeth, and let’s face it, there is nothing fun about that. I was just about halfway through the last time I updated you on my smile journey. Now, I am coming up on the finish line and will be done next week!

With each tray change, I have become more and more confident in my smile. My self-esteem has significantly improved because I am just so happy with my smile. Being one week away from completing this part of my smile journey seems surreal! While I am sure it will be strange not to have aligners on throughout the day, I am ecstatic to finally have the smile I have dreamed of all these years!

So far, the most significant change for me is how much I smile in pictures. Even closer to the beginning of My Motto treatment, every picture I have looked back on this year has been with me having the biggest smile. Knowing that I am actively achieving my ideal smile has given me a confidence boost!

When the clinical team at my local Aspen Dental and I started this journey, I was set to finish my treatment in just twenty-two weeks. Early on, some of my bonds came off and caused a slight delay in treatment. The team was so great at encouraging me through this part of the process, and it did not take long to get back on track towards the smile I truly deserve.

When it comes to how your teeth react to being moved, sometimes it just takes time. In my case, there were a few trays that I had to stay in several days longer until my teeth moved properly. While it was frustrating at times, my dental team was always there to encourage me with tips and answer any questions I had. While a few teeth took slightly longer to move, most of the trays were on for the expected week each time. 

Just past halfway through my smile journey, I noticed some slight pain in one of my teeth. It was a Friday night, so I figured I’d call on Monday morning if it were still bothering me. However, on Saturday morning, I found myself in unbearable pain and knew I had to call my dentist right away. I was expecting to get an after-hours line, but instead, my local Aspen office was open, and they had me come in right away.

While it is not normal for this to happen, it was a tooth that had previous trauma in my case. After a few x-rays and an exam, my dentist determined I needed a root canal. I could not be more thankful for how well Dr. Herbst and the staff helped me through my anxiety about the procedure and how quickly it was done. Within just a couple of hours from calling to let them know I was in pain, my root canal was done, and I was back on track.

As I end this part of my treatment, I am looking forward to continuing taking care of my smile and knowing that I have a dental team that I trust for routine cleanings and any other dental health concerns I may have in the future. 

If you are considering clear aligners, I would absolutely say go for it and seriously, go Motto! From before my Motto treatment began through the very last tray, every step of my journey has been so much better than I could have ever imagined. Changing the trays weekly at home while still having the full support of a dental team is truly my favorite part of the smile journey!

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