A recent survey done by Aptaclub found that 64% of expecting parents have a baby shower, and in fact, 72% of people have more than one baby shower to invite different groups of friends and family. In America, the popularity of the baby shower has been fuelled by movies and TV shows – who remembers the episode of Friends “The One With The Baby Shower?”

For many parents, having a baby shower is an excellent way to get together with family and friends and celebrate before your little one arrives and there is a lifestyle change. You can play some games together, enjoy some mocktails and share experiences of bringing a new baby into the world. 

When did baby showers begin? 

Celebrating before the baby was born was common in Ancient Greek and Egyptian culture. Still, they were primarily religious ceremonies – the guests weren’t enjoying party games and drinking tea together. The advent of the modern baby shower came during Victorian times.

Pregnant women weren’t generally seen in public, but instead, luxury tea parties were hosted in their honor. Silverware was often given as a gift by family members. Heading into the early 1900s, the gifts became more practical as a way of helping families to cope with the additional financial burden that having a baby can bring. 

Modern baby showers

In America, the modern idea of a baby shower became extremely popular in the 1940s and 50s. Generally, only women were invited, gifts were given, and games were played. Fast forward 70 years, and the baby shower is more popular than ever. It has become a far more inclusive celebration, though, and often whole families are invited to intend, including children.

Playing fun games at a baby shower gets everyone involved in the event and helps guests get to know one another. Simple games, such as “Pin the tail on the donkey” and “Name the baby song,” are suitable for all ages and easy to learn to play. 

New baby shower trends

Baby showers are still evolving, and there have been lots of new trends that have become popular. In the last couple of years, family and friends have been united worldwide by hosting a virtual baby shower. This means that even if you have loved ones too far away to visit, you can still all get together, play some games and quizzes online and celebrate.

Many couples choose a theme for their shower, and these can be highly diverse – from Star Wars to Peppa Pig. The party catering has changed too – your baby shower doesn’t have to be about eating delicate cakes and afternoon tea. You can have a vegan feast or a pizza buffet. It certainly doesn’t have to be traditional. 

Increasing Baby Shower

Baby showers have risen in popularity, and it is a beautiful way of celebrating the arrival of your little one. Playing some games and enjoying a meal together can be an inclusive event. 

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