The Importance of Essay Writing Skills for Various Careers

How do we communicate with people every day? How do we express our feelings and concerns with other people? What is an attribute of day-to-day life that tends to be overlooked and oversimplified? Words. Words hold so much more power than a lot of people gives them credit for. We speak with friends and coworkers using ‘you guessed it’s words.

The Importance of Essay Writing Skills for Various Careers

While words can be looked at most commonly using spoken communication, there’s a vital skill that students must learn to perfect to succeed to the height of their ability during school and even more so in their future. They can write a strong essay, whether it’s a descriptive, argumentative, or Toulmin essay. You may be wondering, ‘how could writing good essays help everyone?’, so let’s see the importance of essay writing skills for both business-oriented careers, as well as more social and artistic careers.

Business careers

As far as careers, well… office jobs, many ways to write a successful essay can benefit. Some of these reasons will probably be on the more obvious side of things. Take emails, for example. No, not all emails one writes need to have a bibliography, an introduction, an outline, or a conclusion, but the author’s ability to take ideas and thoughts they need to convey to the recipient is a product of good essay skills.

If someone never learned how to write quality essays in school, they would struggle to formally express their thoughts or ideas. This is important for the recipient of such documents as well. If an idea cannot be conveyed precisely, then the substance of the piece is lost and its importance to the reader. Learning how to write an essay will help future business workers become more concise and deliberate about sending and sharing.

Social and artistic careers

Moving onto social and artistic careers may be difficult to wrap one’s head around. No matter what career someone picks in this category, there will be contact with other people. There may have to be gallery openings in which a speech will need to be given, or they might need to communicate with their client about various things. Throughout this, the common theme of communication can be seen. Strong essay writing skills can help you also develop good verbal skills. Articulating an idea or concern thoughtfully and clearly is very important in these fields.

When someone begins learning how to write essays in different formats, i.e., MLA or APA 7th edition format, which is the most frequently used one, their ability to think and write these ideas carefully grows. Soon, it will become more of second nature. So, learning to communicate ideas well on paper will help people, in the long run, be able to communicate their ideas verbally, professionally, and understandably.

The Importance of Essay Writing Skills for Various Careers

To conclude, some people may despise writing an essay, but by choosing to move past that and develop these skills, we can see that there will be growth for them, not only as a student but also as a part of the workforce. We can see this in more professional “office” jobs, where simply sending the CEO of a company an email is one of the most important aspects. Essay writing skills can help one develop a solid piece of writing that will convey a message powerfully and logically.

Similarly, with more social and artistic career paths, communication is one of the most key aspects. Learning how to develop ideas on the spot, and make meaning out of what you’re saying, can be most important for jobs like these, where people are your primary concern. All in all, learning how to write good essays can make us, as humans, better communicators with our peers.

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