Having a hard time finding a trustworthy nanny to care for your kids? You’re not alone. To ensure the best possible outcome, write a realistic job description, and offer decent pay. Screening industry resource Unmask emphasizes the importance of running a background check on your candidates of choice.  

The Difficulties of Finding a Trustworthy Nanny     

Even though there may be many qualified applicants in your area, finding a care provider can be tricky. A highly qualified nanny will be more than happy to look after your children, going above and beyond the call of duty. They will always look for ways to keep them happy and entertained.

They may be willing to tidy their play area, do their laundry, and clean up if they make a mess. Chances are they won’t be as willing to do your laundry, clean the toilet, or cook for you, though. You’re going to have a hard time finding a nanny if there are more house chores in the job description than information about her relevant role.

Check References

Failing to ask for and check references can be a costly mistake when finding a safe caregiver. Get at three references per candidate from a previous employer. References from friends or relatives are unacceptable. Make sure you get in touch with each reference. A previous employer can provide valuable insight into your candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and degree of reliability. Checking references will help narrow the options down to one or two.

Schedule a Trial

A trial will give your nanny a chance to experience your children’s behavior and your routine first-hand. If the trial goes well, you can extend a permanent job offer. If not, do not feel bad about turning them down. You’ll be more pleased in the long run, even though it will be frustrating to have to move on to the other applicants after having invested so much time in your first choice.

How Much Should You Pay?

There is a pay scale for childcare services, just like for all others. Consider how long they will be watching your child and how many children they’ll have to care for to determine the rate or salary. They deserve higher pay if they have a lot of experience or advanced degrees.

Experts recommend $16 per hour as the bare minimum. If your rate falls short of the average, you’ll be overlooked in favor of higher pay somewhere else. People won’t work for someone who isn’t appreciative enough of their efforts. Offering decent pay shows you understand and respect their worth.

Consider whether the nanny’s responsibilities will go beyond caring for your child. If so, they deserve compensation. If your job description includes running errands, doing household chores, driving around the area, and other tasks, your candidates will want to see that you appreciate their performance and skills. Tailor the rate to the job tasks and responsibilities.

FAQ: The Difficulties of Finding a Trustworthy Nanny    

Our final section includes answers to two common questions: is there a difference between a babysitter and a nanny, and can nannies help children with homework? The answer to both is “yes.” While both babysitters and nannies take care of children, the latter usually live in the family’s home, while the former tend to call for sporadic work. Nannies are usually older than babysitters and have formal education or a degree. 

Your nanny can help your child with schoolwork. You must include this requirement in the job description.

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