Children love toys. But of course, you can’t give them a room full of toys and let those toys babysit them. Besides, not all toys are good too- as some may even hinder your kids’ development. Now more than ever, toys are starting to earn their place in our homes. Kids need toys to give them indoor entertainment to compensate for the lack of outdoor time they used to enjoy.

The Best Children’s Toys For Every Age

Whether for birthdays or holidays, shopping for children’s toys can be a mixture of fun and stress. Toymakers around the world are presenting parents with so many different choices. Toy stores are filled with racks and floors of toys, so it’s not surprising anymore how confusing and overwhelming toy shopping can be.

With that said, here’s a list of some of the best toys for children, regardless of age.


Topping this list are custom jigsaw puzzles. It’s a classic toy that has been around for so many generations already. Puzzles aren’t just fun, but they’re educational as well.

For busy parents, puzzles are going to buy you extra time on your hands, especially when your kids start busying themselves with them. Also, with puzzles, kids get to exercise their thinking capacity while also improving their fine motor skills.

There are so many types of puzzles you can choose from, so you’re always sure that you’ll find one that best suits your kids. You can select based on different designs, characters, and degrees of difficulty.

Building Blocks

Building blocks consistently make the list of the best toys for children, regardless of age. Each box comes with its own set and specifications so that you can choose according to your kids’ age. Younger kids will enjoy bigger, jumbo blocks while the older ones can opt for the regular-sized ones.

The great thing about building blocks is that the pieces can be collected, mixed, and matched to form other creations. This can be an excellent way for kids and parents to explore and have fun together. You can also use building blocks as a supplement when teaching concepts like colors and numbers. 

Yes, we hear you. Cleaning up those little pieces can be a pain – and stepping on them, too! But you can’t turn a blind eye to how many no-fail building blocks are.

Modeling Clay

Another classic toy that kids of all ages will love is modeling clay. There are sets you can choose from – both for the little boys or the little girls. Those sets come with the clay and the molds, so the kids have all they need to create their creations.

Clay is also a pretty safe toy to give to children, as long as they’re already aware not to chew or bite on them. But many modeling clay manufacturers nowadays have revamped their products to ensure they’re non-toxic. So that’s one less trouble for you to worry about, as you’ll be having a safe toy for your kids.

Toy stores are filled with racks and floors of toys, so it's not surprising anymore how confusing and overwhelming toy shopping can be. With that said, here's a list of some of the best toys for children, regardless of age.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks are considered the classic blocks, long before building blocks and other plastic blocks came into being. Wooden blocks are great for kids as early as nine months up to their toddler years and even early childhood.

They are durable toys that can withstand the test of time. Not only are they durable, but they’re versatile too. You can hand them down from one child to the next. 

Wooden blocks are some of the best toys that can encourage your children’s creativity. Their imagination can run free as they play with them since there are so many possibilities for creating with their blocks.

Board Games

When shopping for children’s toys, don’t forget the board games too! Every household should have a board game on hand. This way, the whole family gets to join in the fun and gets a chance to hang out together.  It can be a great family pastime activity over the weekend or the holidays.

Board games are not just fun but also highly engaging. When you’re playing, you won’t notice how fast time flies. Kids won’t get to complain out of boredom!

Board games are a good exercise for your kids’ mental and thinking capacities as well. It can also teach and introduce the concept of competitiveness, which will prepare them later in life. And most importantly, board games can also teach young kids to have enough emotional aptitude, accept defeat, and be okay with the fact that not everyone will be the winner all the time. 


The list above featured only five toys, but there are so many types and variations for each toy that you can choose from. These toys are indeed a hit among children, no matter what age! When buying toys for children, don’t just buy anything at random. Give it much thought as to which toys are the best both for their age and development.

Whether you’re shopping for your kids or others, these toys are definitely worth making into your shopping and to-give list.

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