School is out for the summer which means sleepovers, summer camps, and kids getting a chance to play with their friends.   With all these fun activities, comes the chance for an annoying little pest: Super Lice.  Though it’s a topic that none of us want to discuss, it happens often to no fault of your own!  Today, let’s go over what you need to know about lice and how to kill lice in a safe way!

Super lice are genetically mutated parasites that are highly resistant to traditional treatments.  Back in 2015, when they were drastically noticed throughout the United States, we went through our own lice infestation.  When I first heard of lice, I remember being in around 2nd grade and the nurse checking everyone’s hair with a tongue depressor outside on the sidewalk.  No one I knew had it, and when I talked to my parents, we all were told it was from being dirty.  It was the 1980s.

Our Personal Experience with Super Lice

Fast forward to 2015, two of my children came home from school one day and I noticed they were scratching their head quite often.  Being that our children are autistic, they couldn’t always vocalize what was wrong.  So by the time I figured it out, we had a full infestation of lice!  We tried over the counter chemicals to treat them and I absolutely hated them!

Then, just a couple days later I noticed they were still scratching! So I checked and sure enough, there were still lice in the hair!  It also spread to our oldest!  We called our pediatrician and became fully educated on lice, how to kill lice and this new strain of super lice.  We learned what all we had to do and got rid of them, that time around!

Then just a couple of years later, it happened again!  This time around, I knew what to do.  What I also knew was I didn’t want to use chemicals again.  That is when we tried out RobiComb, and I was amazed at the results! It killed the lice on contact and combed the lice right out of the hair.  Since the RobiComb cannot kill the nits (those little egg sacks glued to your hair shafts), you do need to comb daily for a couple of weeks.

Super Lice are a Nightmare to deal with! Learn how to kill lice safely & effectively without harsh chemicals

Super Lice: How to Kill Lice

Here is the quick low down on what you need to know about super lice and how to kill lice.

  1. Lice are not from being dirty!  These insects stick better on clean hair.  Lice are unfortunately just annoying little bugs that crawl from one person to the next.
  2. Lice are often spread from kids sharing hats or from their clothing being stored close together, such as in cubbies at school or during sleepovers.
  3. Super lice are highly renitent to over the counter chemical treatments.  Using a tool like RobiComb zaps them dead in their tracks and always you to comb them away.
  4. RobiComb will not electrocute or shock you or your child. The zap produced is no more than static electricity, and yes I have tested it on my own hand before using on my children.
  5. Lice are the bugs you see crawling around.  They are brown to gray, and just about the size of a sesame seed.  Female Lice can lay 5-7 eggs (nits) per day!
  6.  Nits are tiny yellow to clear sacks glued to your child’s hair shaft that will hatch 7-10 days after being laid.  They will mature into adult lice in another 7-10 days and females will begin to lay eggs.
  7. Lice live off their host by sucking a tiny bit of blood (like a mosquito).  These bites can become inflamed or infected, especially when your child scratches at them deeply.  Apply antibiotic cream to the wound and contact your doctor if you suspect their wound has become infected (does not happen often). 
  8. You must wash ALL of your children’s bedding, clothing, and toys they have been in contact within the last two weeks.  Use Launder Lice in the wash with these items to effectively kill off any living lice. 
  9. Check your children after any sleepover, summer camp, or frequent contact with other children.  During the school year, it is very easy for lice to crawl around everyone’s backpacks, coats, and hats. 
  10. Lice can only live 24 hours without a host.  They can live up to 30 days on a host.  The earlier you catch lice infesting, the easier it will be to get rid of the lice.  Using a safer tool like RobiComb instead of harsh chemicals will help you to kill lice and protect your child’s head
  11. Also, lice aren’t age bias.  They will get into adult hair as well as children’s.  When working to rid your child’s hair, have a loved one check your hair as well. 

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