Sensory Friendly Clothing Line at Target!  Autism & SPD Clothing!

If by chance you needed one more reason to fall in love with Target, here you go! Target has released a Sensory Friendly clothing line for children in their Cat & Jack line! The sensory friendly clothing line is currently available only online As of the day of release, Target has launched 17 of these pieces to their Cat & Jack collection.

Sensory Friendly Clothing Line at Target!

Autism & SPD Friendly Clothing!

Sensory Friendly Clothing Line at Target! Autism & SPD Clothing!

Target has announced they will be adding to more to this line. Their most current announcement states that they will be expanding the Cat & Jack line even further! This includes adaptive pieces of clothing to help children living with a variety of disabilities!

The Sensory Friendly Clothing Line at Target addresses the main problem for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with clothing. This line of clothing is free of those annoying tags, has flat seems, and one-dimensional graphics on the shirts. All of this is designed to minimize the amount of discomfort out children face with typical clothing.

The Designer Behind the Sensory Friendly Clothing Line at Target

I couldn’t have been happier that to find out the designer behind this sensory friendly clothing line at Target is a fellow autism mom! Stacey Monsen has a daughter with autism, so she understands the need to have fashionable clothing that meets the needs of children with Autism and SPD.

With a group of volunteers, Stacey spoke with other special needs parents and came up with this line to propose this line for Cat & Jack. What is even cooler, was the response of Target’s senior vice president of Product Design & Development.

“When the group showed us their ideas, it was exciting that they recognized this need in an underserved market and did the research to understand what our guests wanted.”

“…we’ll add adaptive pieces to help address the needs of children living with disabilities. This could include styles with zip-off sleeves and side openings that make dressing easier, and pieces that open in the back for those lying down or sitting.” – Juile Guggemos, Target’s senior vice president of Product Design & Development.

For our two children with autism, this is going to be a life saver! My daughter wants to wear cute clothing, but it is a struggle to find clothing that works for her. This sensory friendly clothing line at Target is going to help start her school year off right! I am now even more excited to be a Target REDcard holder!

Thank you Target for not only thinking of our children, but doing something to make such a huge difference in their lives! This sensory friendly clothing line <- click here to check it out Target is going to do much more for the Autism and SPD communities than just offer clothing!

8 Tips For Dressing Sensory Sensitive Children

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  1. This is brilliant. I know where I’ll be getting clothes for my son now!

  2. Another reason to love Target! The clothes sound great. So wonderful that Target was so supportive when they were informed of a need for this type of clothing!

  3. I really, really hope they come out with socks!

  4. I know a few kids and moms that will be appreciating these! I haven’t heard that this was available so I need to let them know in case they didn’t as well!

  5. It is so awesome that Target has developed this line. Makes me love them even more.

  6. What an awesome thing for Target to be doing, I really hope it helps kids who do have issues with sensory processing!

  7. That is absolutely awesome from Target! The clothing sounds and look great and hopefully they will benefit those with sensory processing!

  8. Thanks for this article. I never considered these things.

  9. This is so great! Way to go Target! I wonder if they have socks that are “pokey”. That is my daughters biggest pet peeve the socks, well and jeans too but we just avoid those all together

    1. They haven’t released any yet, but they are planning to further the line so hopefully they will. My daughter just avoids wearing socks. Yes, that does end in horribly stinky boots in the winter lol!

  10. Yes, another reason to love Target! My son has autism and sometimes clothes bug him, so I’ll have to try these out.

    1. They only have a few shirts for boys in the line so far, but I love that it’s a start. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next. Hopefully some shorts or jeans that are sensory friendly 🙂

  11. I like the designs in the shirts. And those clothes without tags are heaven sent.

  12. This sounds like a great clothing line. It will be a huge help for so many family’s.

  13. Finally! This makes me happy, as more brands should create clothing that will make an Autistic kid feel less anxious. I like the designs and love the cause even more x

  14. So amazing of Target to make a clothing line like this! I have always loved target!

  15. They always have such a great line of clothing. I need to check out some of their new stuff.

  16. Cute tops! Does Target have these on bigger adult sizes?

    1. Not yet. They do have several adult ones made from very soft material with heat pressed labels, but they still have the regular seams in them. They plan on launching more items, so I am very curious to see what they come up with!

  17. I am so glad to see Target has added this SPD friendly clothing line. We always had to order clothes like this online for my son.

  18. That’s cool that Target is releasing more of this line of clothing. I know I have a hard enough time with the designs of some clothes that there are. But people who are extra sensitive to sensory input this would be awesome.

  19. I think it is great that Target started a sensory friendly line of clothing. This is a plus for all those parent that have kids with sensitivity to clothing or touch even. Thanks for sharing the information.

  20. I love these! They are all great designs, and who doesn’t love Target! It’s great to see that they came out with a Sensory Friendly clothing line! We’ll have to check it out, thanks for sharing!

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