Top 10: Road Trip for Families Tips

By Amelia Evans

Once in a while, you and your family will need to go out and explore what the outer world has to offer, especially during vacation when all time is at your disposal.

It’s worth taking some good time to plan ahead prior to sitting behind that wheel. This prevents inconveniences along the road and affords you that much needed perfect ride. 

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If you love the idea of driving or sharing the wheel with a co-pilot, check out these top 10 planning road trip tips for families:

1. Take Care of the Driver

Your children might quickly fall asleep while you’re driving but a safe driver is very critical. When planning road trip tips for families, you must make sure the driver has rested. Pulling over and sleeping just for 10 minutes is very important for boosting that energy that you need.

2. Leave Early

It’s important to plan early departures when your body and mind is still fresh in the morning. This is very critical especially when driving in unfamiliar places where you have not been before. However, for longer trips taking 12 hrs plus, it’s advisable to leave in the middle of the night.

3. Monitoring your Kids

It’s important to put an adult at the back seat for at least part of the trip. This will allow for easier playing of games or simply chatting out with the kids. This is especially critical when the children are seated in the back seats of the car.

4. Not much of Electronics

It’s very critical to give your kids the space to think up their own ideas, rather than just give them DVDs and video games. You should consider playing some electronic-free games instead. This ignites their creative aspect and allows them come up with their own ideas.

5. Get Crafty

Another thing you should do when planning road trip tips for families is get crafty! You should make sure you pack craft supplies for your kids because they are very easy to pack and will keep your kids occupied for many hours. This may include the paper

folding kits or any other kind of crafts probably from crayons and paper sculptures, to doing beads among others. A variety of jigsaw puzzles will also work great for keeping your kids busy and innovative.

6. Have Quality Time with the Kids

Informing your kids about where you’re moving to, finding out what they loved and what they didn’t on the way, allowing them ask questions and bring out what’s on their mind is a good way of understanding what’s happening with your kid at that moment, and this can also be very entertaining.

7. Pack Healthy Food

You shouldn’t go for the stop-over restaurants but should instead go for healthier food prepared from home. It’s very tempting to eat poorly along the journey, and this may later on lead to health issues for everyone and not only for your kids, Remember that your health is very important before and after you are done with the trip. Make sure you eat well.

8. Map Out Breaks

When planning road trip for families, engage in some research on your trip and locate local eateries, attraction sites among other spots for a great stop. Find fascinating places to stop by for breaks, like museums, historic sites, some nice places for picnics such as lakes and small hills. This is important for the kids to burn off some calories. They will more likely get tired and fall asleep once they get inside.

9. Eliminate Risk Factors for Car Sickness

If your children are prone to motion sickness, road trips may be very challenging. There are various tried ways to prevent car sickness in children including medicines which prevent car sickness. However, it’s critical to remember that other factors can make car sickness even worse. But giving a kid some ginger or peppermint should help settle a stomach. Spicy foods will irritate them even more.

10. Get Out and Cool Off

The secret to a great road trip is stopping to allow your children get some exercise. During a hot summer day, there’s nothing more relaxing than moving out of your car and have some fun. Whether you prefer splashing in a wave pool, you are sure to find a water park in almost any state where you can take your family to cool off in style.

How to survive a road trip with family

Planning for a trip is not a tedious task as many people think. You will only be needed to talk it over with your family to decide together which places you should visit first. It’s proper to do enough research either online, on a one on one occasion or by making that call before you move out. Be informed before getting on board.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips for Families

Start saving today in preparation for your trip in future. Your visit may be a once in a lifetime event, so make use of the time now while you still have the resources to do so. You and your family will forever keep the memories and pride yourselves for having done it so successfully! And Make sure to Pin this post (below) for your next trip!

It's worth taking some good time to plan ahead prior to sitting behind that wheel. This prevents inconveniences along the road and affords you that much needed perfect ride. Check out these 10 planning road trip tips for families

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