Retro Vibes and Roadside Adventures – Route 66 with the Fam

Longing for an unusual journey for you and your family that dices up entertainment along with an ample serving of quirkiness? Route 66 in the United States serves these wishes big time. Start your journey from the Windy City, Chicago, the point of genesis for Route 66. Let the story of adventure unwind like an overpacked, delectable fudge sundae adorned with off-beat toppings. A historic highway, Route 66’s significance extends beyond its asphalt. It’s soaked with cultural importance and aged like fine wine over decades.

Digging Deeper into Unusual on Route 66

Beginning in Illinois, Route 66 winds its way to the warm, sandy beaches of Santa Monica, California. It’s a route dauntlessly marked by peculiarity. Expect oddball spots dotting the landscape to your gasping amazement. Roughly 80 miles southwest of Chicago, you come face to face with Atlanta’s Muffler Men. They’re oddly attractive 19-foot fiberglass giants, part of the landscape advertising from the swinging 60s they have turned into America’s cultural icons.

But it’s not the end at all; the peculiarity never stops on Route 66. Slide further down the road to Normal in Illinois. Pause a bit here and you might feel as if your internal navigation has done a topsy-turvy flip. After all, a place that houses the circus-themed David Davis Mansion is hardly normal, is it?

Gravitating Towards Random Oddities

Just when you think this ride can’t surprise you anymore, you hit Missouri, and your eyes fly wide open at the sight of the World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Fanning. Skyscrapers might not hit the radar here, but an oversized rocker that awes you stands tall in the middle of nowhere.

Further ahead awaits the Cathedral of Junk, in Austin, Texas. This eccentric monument, a creation by Vince Hannemann, might just be Route 66’s mascot for peculiarity. Housing 60 tons of cultural waste, it becomes an evocative symbol of Route 66’s commitment to the unconventional thrill.

Refueling Along Pit Stops

Of course, Route 66 isn’t just about the oddities packed along its stretch. It’s also about the charming pit stops that offer respite to weary travelers and some exciting opportunities for fun and entertainment. Take the Route 66 Carousel Park in Joplin, where you can have an old-fashioned family picnic and take fun rides.

Or delve into Native American history at the National Museum of the American Indian in Oklahoma City. And no Route 66 trip is complete without a stop at the Grand Canyon National Park! This enormous chasm invites visitors to marvel at Mother Nature’s creativity and is perfect for explorers of all ages.

Why Take The MiniVan?

Here’s where a fuel-efficient minivan steals the glory. A combination of strength and ergonomics, perfect for long-winded road trips. As we pledge for greener travel, minivans have evolved to match this commitment. They start a chain of benefits that doesn’t just save your wallet but also comfortably pillows the environment.

Reduced fuel consumption equals a smaller carbon footprint- it’s a win-win. Fuel-efficient vans have not sacrificed power and utility at the altar of environment-friendliness. Modern fuel-efficient models match their gas-guzzling cousins in terms of raw performance, off-roadability and towing capacity without blinking an eye.

A road trip like this is the escape from everyday life we all talk about– and now–it’s time to turn that talk into reality and make dreams come true. With every passing city and state, you’ll be adding enjoyable and unforgettable chapters to your great American road trip story. Happy travels!

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