Lying down on a wrong mattress can cause numerous health problems Find out the real relationship between sleep health and mattresses sleephealth

Despite the majority of people realizing the importance of a comfortable mattress for good night’s sleep, it seems that most people do not always pay attention to the mattress. People complain often that the budget often hinders selecting the right mattress. The benefits of a great bed do out way the price point most of the time. Lying down on a wrong mattress can cause numerous health problems. Not to mention, it can cause low back pain or neck pain.

To know more about some useful tips and top models of mattresses, keep reading to find out the real relationship between sleep, health, and mattresses.

The Relationship Between Sleep, Health, & Mattresses

Lying down on a wrong mattress can cause numerous health problems.  Find out the real relationship between sleep, health, and mattresses. #sleephealth

Mattresses can cause allergies.

Mattresses are the ideal homes for dust mites that build colonies inside without you ever knowing it unless you start sneezing or coughing without knowing any possible causes. There could be millions of dust mites in the mattress as it loves to feed on dead skin cells that people shed naturally. And to understand the might of mites, you must consider the result from a study that claims 20 million Americans suffer from allergies caused by dust mites. Dirty mattresses are dangerous for people with asthma as it aggravates respiratory problems. Vacuuming mattresses periodically and washing the pillowcases and bed sheets in hot water can mitigate the problem.

Reduced comfort tells that it is time to replace the mattress

Comfortable sleep is only possible when your mattress supports the body correctly. As it grows old and there are holes through which the stuffing peeps out, or spring is sticking to your back, these signs tell you that you need a new mattress. Not sleeping well means you are compromising on your health, and this can have far-reaching effects if you continue to sleep on damaged mattresses.

Use the mattress for sleeping only

Good sleep does not only depend on the quality of the mattress but also the kind of environment you create in the bedroom. Unless the environment induces sleep, no matter how comfortably you lie down on the bed, you may still find it hard to sleep quickly. If you start using your bedroom as an extension of your work station, the brain feels like you are not interested in sleeping and keeps you awake. It becomes difficult to sleep unless you are on the mattress with an intense desire to doze off and keep everything else away from encroaching into your mind.

Soft or hard – test it first

The softness or hardness of mattress is a factor that adds to the comfort and induces sleep, but these are very relative terms that vary between people. What is hard for someone may seem soft to others. Instead of going by the label claim about the feeling to expect, lie down on it for some time before buying to know how much good it would be for you to sleep on it.

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