While raising a neurodiverse family, we have always had to have one parent stay at home. The at home parent would then wind up being in charge of every household decision.  That includes everything from deciding what websites to order from (since getting out of the house with four kids, two with autism can be tough) to making extra  at home!

I know how tough it is to find reliable companies and websites to work with. Here I will list recommended services, products, companies, and sites that I either use and/ or know are valuable resources.  This way, you only have to come to one page to save time and money from trusted companies!




Survey Sites:


Opinion Outpost  Opinion Outpost is pretty awesome.  Their system is set up to reward you with points that you cash out for rewards.  For every 100 points you earn, you can cash out for $10.


Harris Poll  Harris Poll is another great site I highly recommend.  Not only do you earn points for every survey you complete, you also earn  for those your sent to that you don’t qualify for.  It’s a win win situation just for participating.


Swagbucks  Swagbucks is the one site I have used the longest and stuck by.  They have surveys, but you also earn points for games, watching videos, slideshows, shopping, and more.  They even send out a free code daily for a couple points each. There website is also extremely inviting.  You can sign up for Swagbucks here and you will get a $5 bonus for using my link.


InstaGC  This one is very similar to Swagbucks.  They offer the same style of earning opportunities.  This is great because even if you’ve done a similar survey on Swagbucks, it doesn’t affect your eligibility on InstaGC.  The one major factor that they off that is different from every other site is their speed.  When you are ready to cash out, its instant (Instant Gift Card).  They have a multitude of cash out options like Paypal, Amazon, and more.  Another great aspect of Instagc is there videos. You get paid to watch commercials in your spare time.


MintVine  Mintvine is a great little site.  They do have a daily poll worth 5 points and some shopping options, but there focus is surveys.  That being said, the surveys are great and the site is super easy to navigate!


Paid ViewPoint  This is a survey only site.  This is normally a max of one survey a day, but it is well worth it.  You will not get rich off this one, but it is a great addition to all the others.

Blogging Related

Ever wonder what I am using to make a page look a certain way, a product I really use to boost my post, things like that?  Here is a list of all the companies I personally use.

Tailwind – Tailwind is by far the best app out there for scheduling pins in pinterest.  They also off Tailwind tribes which is another place to share your pins.  This is the best way to maximize your presence on pinterest.  Get a $15 credit for you using my link.

Canva- This is the program I use to make and edit all my pictures.  They have preset templates that help with getting the right sizes to share on social media. canva.com

TryInteract – Make and use awesome quizes, polls, and host giveaways with Try interact.  This is a great source for generating email leads as well as helping spread information about a cause.  Also just a blast to use to make fun quizes!  tryinteract.com

ShareASale – This is one of the larger affiliate programs I use. Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.