A successful project is based not only on a well-chosen business idea but also on the dedicated software development teams that brought it to life. Below we will talk about the project team structures in detail and, in particular, the primary roles of these teams.

Primary Roles in the Project Team

Let’s figure out the essential list of roles in the dedicated development team.

From project managers to software engineers, we break down each team member's responsibilities. Contact us for a customized team that meets your project needs.

Project manager

The main goal of a project manager is to lead this project to success, bypassing possible obstacles and risks. Managers are also responsible for the quality implementation of projects on time and within budget. They monitor sufficient resources while managing relationships with the dedicated software development team and all stakeholders. As for more specific tasks, the manager performs all the tasks related to the project planning (drawing up a roadmap, determining the results of work, planning the implementation and distribution of tasks, monitoring processes and managing risks, establishing communication between team members, etc.).

Team members with narrow expertise

Team members with narrow expertise are specialists involved in the project at a certain stage. These can be full-time employees, freelancers, or external consultants. They may work full-time or part-time. Their roles and responsibilities depend on various factors, ranging from the size of the project to the business niche it belongs to. Typically, team members work on individual tasks, providing expertise to the project, communicating with users and stakeholders to identify and meet their needs, and documenting processes. If we talk about specific roles of dedicated team members, these can be software engineers, designers, QA and testers, DevOps experts, etc.

Product owner

The product owner is the one who has the most interest in the product’s success. Typically, product owners work closely with managers, approve project goals (especially those related to their business benefit), and participate in high-level planning. Sometimes, they are even involved in resolving conflicts and removing barriers that arise on the way to the implementation of the product. They also approve the budget, provide the necessary resources for the implementation of the development process, as well as present to the rest of the dedicated team members the global tasks that must be achieved.

Business analyst 

A business analyst is concerned with identifying the requirements of an organization and proposing solutions to problems. In dedicated software teams, business analysts ensure that a particular project’s goals can solve the target audience’s real problems and increase the product’s value. They also collect requirements from end users and business structures, ensure that results meet initial project needs, are responsible for test results of solutions, and document technical and business requirements.

Final Thoughts

Proper distribution of roles in dedicated development teams can ensure the success of final solutions and protect product owners from possible business risks. Feel free to contact us if you would like to organize a team tailored to your individual project needs.

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