Project Repat Tshirt Quilt Review & GIveaway

As any parent can tell you, children out grow their clothes at a rapid rate.  With four kids in tow, we have quiet our fair share of outgrown clothing.  One thing my children have a problem with though, is giving up those clothes!  They love to collect t-shirts from every single event they go to.  I completely understand as I have a few t-shirts from my elementary days tucked away!  Since we have little extra storage space, we recently had to figure out what to do with all these t-shirts.  So, it was perfect timing when Project Repat reached out to us to do a review of the Project Repat Tshirt Quilt!

What is Project Repat?

“Repat is short for repatriating textile jobs back to the USA. The t-shirts that you buy used to all be made in the United States, but since the early 1990’s big companies have chased cheap labor and lax regulations overseas, where they pay their workers less than a living wage. We want to turn all those t-shirts that were made overseas, into fair wage jobs here in the USA. “

What does Project Repat do?

You send in your favorite tshirts and pic your backing color.  They then cut the perfect squares with them, sew them together, then back them with USA PolarTec fleece.  Project Repat turns your favorite tshirts into an amazing blanket.  This is a perfect way to have a usable keepsake from all those shirts!

Our Review of Project Repat Tshirt Quilt

 Project Repat Tshirt Quilt Review & GIveaway : Every t-shirt quilt has a unique story to tell — what will yours say? Learn more about how you can turn t-shirts into a great conversation starter with Project Repat.

Our oldest just started high school.  The local school district has a total of four middle school years (intermediate and middle school).  In those four years, she managed to collect twenty t-shirts from events and fundraisers.  Combining that with a few of her favorites she our grew (like her Yadier Molina T-shirt), we choose the twenty-four panel quilt.


The Process

The process was super simple.  You go online to select your size and backing cover.  Once you have made your purchase, they will let you know which location to send your shirts.  If your shirts have two sides, they ask that you cut the shirt in half (they give directions) and send in only the side that you want.  You do not have to do anything with one-sided shirts.  We did go ahead and cut all the shirts, as it made packing easier.

Send and Wait

The next step is to send it off and wait.  Once they receive the shirt, standard shipping takes 2-4 weeks.  You can pay to expedite the quilt in 1 weeks’ time, and even to design the quilt yourself.  We chose to go with the standard shipping and let them design it.

Finished Product

Once they received our Project Repat Tshirt Quilt , we received ours back in just a little over two weeks. We were pretty impressed with the quality of the quilt.  Our daughter was ecstatic!  Her favorite part (other than it being her shirts) was that it was comfortable enough to use in the summer.  At the same time, I could see this being a great quilt for sitting on the couch in the winter as well.

Want to Win your own Project Repat Tshirt Quilt ?

That was a silly question, I know. Of course you want to win your very own Project Repat quilt (ARV $130). Head over to Project Repat and enter to win.  Winners are announced daily!

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