Learn how you can help your child prepare for the SAT, one of the most defining tests that your child will take in High School. #sat #studyguide #studyingforsat #parentingteens

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is one of the most defining tests that your child can take before they finally leave high school. The result of the SAT will decide the future of your child’s education as they apply for college.

Preparing for the SAT can be one of the most challenging chapters in your child’s high school career. That said, you must provide them the support that they need, physically and emotionally.

Below is a comprehensive look at the things that you can do to help your child prepare for the SAT.

Helping Your Child Prepare for the SAT

Learn how you can help your child prepare for the SAT, one of the most defining tests that your child will take in High School. #sat #studyguide #studyingforsat #parentingteens

Study And Practice Using Online Tools

Your child needs a lot of studying and preparing to ace the SAT. As a mom, you know that children get easily distracted and lose focus. This knowledge is why you need to create a study plan for them. A study plan would require them to strictly set aside time to study and take practice tests.

However, if you want to ditch the hassle of creating a study plan, you can enroll your child in a reliable online program. An online program is an excellent investment since it provides tools that keep your child on track and motivated.

Most online programs offer the following:

  • Lessons that you can access online, which cover all sections of the SAT
  • A performance tracking software that you can use to assess your child throughout the entire duration of her preparation
  • Suggestions as to what to focus on based on practice test results
  • Official practice tests with answers and explanations
  • Progress tracking tools to push your child to work harder every step of the way

The good thing about online programs is that you can access the lessons anytime and anywhere. However, you have to make sure that the program is not too flexible. Too much freedom can be a problem, and your child may end up doing less.

Find a program that provides helpful study guides, one that’s consistent and detailed to help her manage her schedule effectively.

Figure Out Your Child’s Weaknesses

Take advantage of the practice tests from the College Board. Let your child take one complete practice test and use the scoring guidelines to get the result. Knowing if your teen is overwhelmed is key to helping them manage the testing process.

Once you already have the result, identify the weaknesses and strengths of your child by doing the following:

  • Check on the sections where your child performed best. These sections are your child’s strengths.
  • Take note of the questions that your child missed to answer and see if there’s any pattern.
  • Calculate the subset scores of your child in different areas so you’ll have a glimpse of which areas within a section in the test they’re struggling with. For example, areas that involve data interpretation or the trigonometry items on Math.

Be granular as possible when it comes to figuring out the weaknesses of your child so you can craft a better improvement strategy.

Learn how you can help your child prepare for the SAT, one of the most defining tests that your child will take in High School. #sat #studyguide #studyingforsat #parentingteens

Set A Realistic Target Score

It also helps to decide for a target score that your child should aim for in the actual test. However, it has to be realistic and something that’ll not put too much pressure on your child’s shoulders.

Take the following considerations when setting a target score:

  • Time Frame – Estimate the time frame your child has when preparing for the test, and set a goal score that your kid can realistically achieve within the time frame. Don’t forget that the higher the score that you’re targeting, the more time you need to prepare.
  • The School – Another consideration to take is the preferred school of your child. Whether your child wants to go to a school that specializes in medical education, or one that focuses on business, check on their cut-off score for admission.

Of course, you’d want your child’s score to be higher than the cut-off to increase their chances of getting admitted.

Be Familiar With The Content And Format

A profound understanding of what to expect when preparing to take the SAT goes a long way toward achieving your child’s target score.

Here are the things that you need to know about the content and format of the SAT:

  • The SAT has three sections. The first section deals with evidence-based reading and writing. The second one is all about Math. And, the optional third one is the Essay section.
  • The Math section has two parts. One part allows your child to use a calculator, and the other doesn’t allow it.

Helping Your Child Prepare for the SAT

There’s no need to worry too much about the SAT. If your child knows what to expect and how to prepare for the test adequately, they can surely hit your set target score. The tips on this post should help you make the preparation process as effective and flexible as possible for your child.

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