Many women will suffer from hair loss when they are pregnant, which can worsen once they give birth. This is due to the many hormonal changes in the body, and the stress that some women can feel with pregnancy won’t be helping matters either. 

Postpartum Hair Loss: Will It Last Forever? Find out Now

The question that many women will want the answer to once they notice that they are losing a lot of hair (which can be an alarming amount) is whether this is a permanent problem. Read on to find out more below. 

Is hair loss after pregnancy permanent Find out why it happens how long it lasts and options for treatment including hair transplants

How Long Will Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

A short answer to the question of whether or not hair loss after pregnancy is permanent is no. It’s not. For many women, it will last up to around six months, after which it will become less and less noticeable until it is back to normal levels (because everyone loses some hair each day – this is a normal and natural process as hair dies and is replaced). 

However, there is a more complex answer. The answer is that the length of postpartum hair loss will depend on various factors. For some women, it is a permanent issue they may feel they must learn to live with. 

Other Factors 

If your hair loss after pregnancy is still occurring more than six months after having your baby, or if you can see bald patches on your scalp (indicating more extreme hair loss), it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor, as there may be another issue on top of the hormonal changes that are causing this to happen. 

One of those issues could be a thyroid problem. An overactive thyroid can be linked to pregnancy; some women experience this. This can cause additional hair loss, exacerbated by the usual postpartum hair loss, and you’ll lose more hair. 

Iron deficiency is another reason you might lose hair; again, this can be linked to pregnancy, as the iron you take will often be given to the baby, leaving you without enough. Iron supplements can help with this problem, although you’ll need a doctor’s care in severe cases. 

Option For Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

If you find that your hair loss is lasting for longer than you thought and is perhaps a permanent issue, you now have to deal with it. If any underlying problems have been checked out. If you don’t have any issues, contacting Harley Street Hair Clinic to discuss a potential hair transplant could be a good idea. 

In the past, women who suffered from extreme hair loss after pregnancy would not have had this option. Still, thanks to new ideas and technology, it’s possible to have a hair transplant that looks entirely natural. The procedure is safe and relatively quick as well. Since hair loss can cause so many problems with confidence and self-esteem, and since you’ll need to focus on your baby and not have to worry about your hair, this can be the ideal solution to your hair loss problems. 

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