It comes as no surprise that parents are tired! Working, taking care of the home, car, and finances, doing everything they need to do for their children, and still attempting to be a human can be exhausting. 

If you’re a parent who needs some way to boost your energy yet is also interested in natural solutions, there are answers! 

Boosting your energy means giving awareness, vitality, and life back to your body and mind. 

Parents, Boost Your Energy the Natural Way!

While there is one primary, looming energy booster (aka SLEEP), every parent knows that it can be hard to come by, especially during those infant and toddler years.

So, if you can’t get enough sleep, you need to ensure that you have the right amount of physical and mental energy. There are several things that you can add to your routine.  

KaraMD UltraBeets

The KaraMD UltraBeets is a beets supplement that provides the incredible benefits of beets. Beets are a superfruit historically used for healing and people’s overall well-being. 

Their high nitrates reduce inflammation and regulate blood flow, causing the body to produce the essential nitric oxide. The antioxidants prevalent in beets promote cellular health, which helps to boost energy.

Taking UltraBeets from KaraMD gives you a daily dose of beets in a delicious apple cherry flavor, with no sugar added.

Walking each morning

Walking has been promoted by healthcare professionals, motivational speakers, and practically everyone in the physical and mental health industry. The morning walk is an essential start to the day.

The morning walk gets you out of your head, out of your day’s responsibilities, and helps you focus. It gives you a change of pace, an internal focus, and a nice hefty dose of fresh air. There’s no question; outside is healing, brings peace, brings calm and readiness to face what you need. 

Before you jump into your day’s craziness, get outside and walk.

KaraMD Focus 365

KaraMD Focus 365 is a cognitive formula made of Green Tea Extract, Maca Root, and Panax Ginseng. It was specially created to combat mental fatigue (yes, this means it’s perfect for parents!), improve memory and focus, increase energy levels, and enhance concentration. 

This supplement is a natural daily dose of brain stimulants, keeping you safe and healthy. Your body and mind will be on point, giving you clarity of mind and alertness without harmful side effects.


You’re a parent, so you know that showers don’t always happen daily. Sometimes showering seems downright impossible. 

However, even a brief sprinkle of water can make the difference in your day between mental clarity and mental scarcity. Whether you can jump in for a full-on shower or merely splash water on your face and head, getting that water on you is enough to refresh you for a good portion of your day. 

Take a power nap

10-15 minutes is all you need when it comes to napping. If you can find the time during your busy day, take a quick power nap and refresh your body, mind, and soul.

Keep hydrated

Does it seem too simplistic? Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for your health and your energy. Carry around a reusable wide-mouth water bottle wherever you go, and don’t forget to drink from it all day. 


Get your heart rate going by dancing! This is an easy one for parents because children love music and love to dance! So, put on some of your favorite music, turn up the volume, take your kids’ hands, and get dancing. 

Get to bed early

Try to create a family rhythm that gets your kids into bed at a decent time so you can get to bed early. Getting that much-needed rest is essential for your overall well-being and daily energy.

While getting your kids to go to bed can be challenging, you’ll find things begin to fall into place if you make bedtime a regular, connection-based time in your home. However, don’t make the common parenting mistake of staying up alone once your kids are in bed. 

Your sleep is much more valuable than anything you’d be spending your time on at night, so tuck in the kiddos and then tuck in yourself.

Time to Boost Your Energy!

Parenting is tiring, but more than that, it’s rewarding. Get the energy you need to make it through each day by making simple lifestyle changes and taking natural, energy-producing supplements. You’ve got this!

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