A parental monitoring app is the need of every working-parent couple. Even if you are not a working parent, you might still want to know what your kid is doing in that closed room of her when you are busy doing your house chores.

The internet is a fascinating place but it has its positives and negatives. While it helps you to learn many good things, it’s accessibility to the inappropriate content makes it a dangerous tool, especially for kids.

The need for an iPhone parental monitoring app is imperative to keep your kids safe and Xnspy is our choice of app for this. But before we discuss this, let us first briefly discuss what makes a parental app good.

What qualities make a good parental monitoring app?

A monitoring app for kids must offer a number of qualities that make its use useful for parents and safe for children. Any good application for parenting should have the following qualities:


If you are looking to use the app for a long-term, it should first offer the ease of integration to the target device. And with iPhone having a robust OS, a good app should offer complete integration with the latest iOS.


The speed with which the app uploads the data is very important. Every parent would want their kids’ device to be protected instantly with the last change in the protection.


The privacy of children is important. Make sure the app that you use should have a secure system with no data breach history.

Complete features:

It should offer a great pack of features like selective monitoring, scheduling tasks, limiting screen time, and so on. There are plenty of apps available in the market but only a few of them that have a complete functionality.

All these characteristics are important to determine the usefulness of parental controls. Based on the above aspects, we think this app is a complete parental monitoring app that works fine on any compatible iPhone.


About Xnspy

Parental monitoring apps have made our lives much easier than before. Xnspy is an app that works like a digital nanny for your kids. The app alerts you of different kinds of internet threats, location changes and many other things that might pose a threat to your kids.

Compatibility of Xnspy iPhone Parental Monitoring App

Xnspy is compatible with the iPhone. All parents are not tech savvy and the way technology changes overnight makes it difficult for them to stay on par with the updates. Xnspy iPhone monitoring app supports the latest iOS 11 and it spares you the trouble of jailbreaking the phone. But if you want to set up the app on an older iPhone or a Jailbroken one, you can still use the app on either of them.

What is the right way to setup this app?

The key to making parental monitoring a useful tool for both parents and their children lies in the intention. Parents’ intention should only be to ensure their kids online safety. And it should never feel like an imposed control.

Take your kids into confidence that this app is a way for the parents to look after them in the digital world. Before installing the app, you can discuss the basic rules for your child’s digital consumption, as well as their responsibilities.

Xnspy can easily be integrated into an iPhone. You can install and configure it together with your child. You can subscribe to the app from the website and integrate the app with the iCloud account of your kids’ iPhone. The app takes around 24 to 48 hours to upload the information on the phone while it is ready to be used as soon as it integrates with the device.

Highlights of the app:

Here are some of the core features of Xnspy which are very useful for parental control and which help protect children:

  • App control:

Parents can view the list of all the installed app on the iPhone. This information helps parents decide which apps the child can access and use.

  • Internet control:

Xnspy gives the information about the websites visited by your kid on their iPhone browser. You can also see the bookmarks and search for inappropriate websites according to the child’s age.

  • Remote Features:

These are the most advanced features that a good parental app must offer. They help the working parents to see and monitor most of their kids’ activities, like, blocking access to the iPhone during school hours or at bedtime.

  • Geofencing and location:

Xnspy allows you to check the device’s location history. You can know where the kid was at any given moment during the day. You can also make monitoring more effective by specifying certain places that you want to monitor in through the geofencing feature.

  • Notifications/Reports:

The purpose of reports is to stay informed about your kid’s general behavior on the internet. It helps you to decide on the choices that you can make as a parent to correct your child’s behavior. The call logs, location history, chat logs and other reports are a way to measure your kid’s cell phone usage over the phone in a more convenient manner.

Lastly, these reports are also a measure of your kids’ screen time. They are useful for knowing which apps your child uses most, or which are their favorites. Knowing their tastes and interests is a good starting point for conversations about taking care while online.

Final thoughts

A good parental monitoring app should make sure it covers every other way your kid might fall into the wrong hands or the wrong path. Xnspy is one such solution that ticks all the right boxes for controlled parenting.

When children approach teenage, they often get diverted from their studies due to their interest in inappropriate things. They often hide their plans from their parents and often go to places they are not allowed to.

They talk to people they should not talk and the list goes on and on. Having something as simple as an app on their phone could make a significant difference.

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