Tips on Buying a Kids Pool

It’s always an exciting experience to have fun in the sun, which explains why most people go to beaches for vacations.  Some families also prefer to cool off in their garden patio with paddling pools that bring the beach experience to the comfort of their homes.

One of the proven ways to have an excellent time with family and friends is having fun gadgets and devices that can be used while meals and drinks are passed around. To make the moment more exciting, most parents buy paddling pools for kids to make them happy and keep them within sight.

However, it’s one thing to want to add these fun pools to your patio and another to know the factors you need to consider before purchasing. We have outlined some tips to make it easier for you to make a choice.

Tips for Buying a Paddling Pool for Kids

The following tips would help you to buy the best inflatable pool for your kids:

Size of Your Yard

This is a significant factor to consider before making a purchase. The size of your yard determines the size of the paddling pool you will go for. You need a pool that will sit comfortably in any space laid out for it while also giving space for relaxation and other fun activities that happen in the backyard.

Furthermore, it is also important that you don’t go against your area’s zoning guidelines that outline the recommended distance between your pool and the main building. Once you understand the area’s zoning guidelines, you will know if your patio’s landscape is suitable for inflatable pools. The knowledge of this also determines if you will proceed to the next stage.

Find the right size and shape

With your yard’s size handy, it’s relatively easy to get an inflatable pool of the right size and shape. Ensure that you get the specific measurement that you want, as this will prevent potentially costly mistakes.

Measuring the space where you plan to fit your pool will save you the stress of getting an inflatable pool smaller or bigger than the intended space. The shape of the pool is also determined by the space available on your patio.


Selecting the right material for your paddling pool can make a lot of difference in terms of the pool’s stability while you are having fun. Paddling pools have a significant disadvantage in their short lifespan, but choosing the best material can reduce the chance of damaging the inflatable buoy sooner than expected.

Several options are available in the market, but for high-quality buoys, look for pools made from a mixture of rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Paddling pools with one or two layers of polyvinyl chloride often last longer. If you need help on how to clean your inflatable pool, you can check this video.

Check built-in features

To add fun to the beautiful experience, go for an inflatable pool with a ring toss game, slippery slides, and water sprinklers. The sprinkler is connected to a hose for easy discharge of water.

Please choose an option with a different ventilation point for slides, so they don’t wear out and break easily. If the slides share the same ventilation point as other sides of the pool, this will not be too good as the entire pool will tumble if the slide breaks.

We feel these tips will be useful if you intend to add an inflatable pool to your patio. When you finally get the inflatable pool, you might want to teach your kids how to swim if they do not know how already. If you need tips on how to coach them, you can check here:

Tips on Buying a Kids Pool

If you search for an affordable replacement for a proper pool, then a surefire alternative would be an inflatable pool. Apart from coming at a cheap cost, the pool is also lightweight, making it very easy to adjust or set up in any location. You can go ahead and get this for your kids and be sure to have beach moments right in the comfort of your home.

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