Are you looking for knitting lessons for kids in the meaning of “kids will learn to knit”? Then this article is for you. As for knitting, here, the ideal option is when the mother knits herself and can arouse the child’s interest in this activity. Top Tips for Teaching Kids to Knit at Home

It’s not a secret for parents that the modern world is crowded with computers, tablets, and other gadgets. It is pretty challenging to captivate a child with such activities as handicrafts. Therefore, the task of teaching a child to do needlework is not always easy to accomplish. Let’s get started.

Age to start teaching a child to knit

As the experience of both teachers and parents shows, crocheting is easier for young children. Therefore, it is worth starting with him. As for age, it all depends on the particular child. At the age of 4, some children can read, write, listen carefully, and repeat accurately. Still, at this age, knitting lessons for children last only 10-15 minutes and include the explanation and working out of only one simple element.

Most children are ready to learn knitting skills while they learn to write, that is, at about 7-8 years old. The duration of classes during this period usually ranges from 20 minutes at the initial stage to 45 minutes. But it is worth moving on to teaching children to knit no earlier than 10 years. This tool is more complicated and requires more concentration.

How can children learn to knit?

Adults are more patient than children and can master the basics before moving on to creating something. The child wants to see the result immediately, right in the first lesson! Therefore, it is worth starting classes not by explaining the loops and calculations but by choosing a toy for which the child will begin to knit a scarf today.

Another option to interest the child is to keep his attention until the result appears – a game form of the learning process. All terms and difficulties are removed from the explanations, there are only “fluffy snake crawling into the hole”, “make a bridge”, “call the fluffy sun.”

How to crochet, for beginner children, can be easily explained through the creation of applications in the first lessons – in this case, the necessary techniques are worked out, and the children see the result immediately. For example, you can create an applique for a fluffy hedgehog with needles made from loops, a funny snake with a body made of chains of loops, a funny snail with a shell and antennae from chains of loops.

It is easy to turn knitting in a circle with a single crochet into creating decor for the applique of a vase, dress, tree with apples, currant branches, etc. some schemes with descriptions are a waste of time. But below we will give a few simple schemes for those who have been knitting for some time and are ready to take something interesting to work.

Choosing knitting tools

It can be either knitting needles or a crochet hook. First, you need to choose one thing. An important point when a child works with knitting tools is their safety. Knitting needles and crochet hooks must be made with blunt ends. In any case, always be extremely careful when the child is holding a hook or knitting needles. Also, don’t forget to say that playing with knitting instruments is unacceptable.

For training, it is better to take a knitting needle or a medium-sized crochet hook, for example, 3-3.5. The yarn should be smooth, also of medium thickness, the thread of which will be well and tightly twisted. Show your kid how to hold the instruments and perform the essential knits. The next step is to master various basic knitting techniques. You will most likely have to show the same element repeatedly, but it pays to be patient and restrained. If the mother knits herself, then joint knitting of things for her favorite toy or doll will be an excellent way of learning. Start with the most straightforward ideas. If the mother herself does not own the knitting technique but wants her child to learn this helpful lesson, you will find many master classes available on the Internet to help you.

How to choose yarn for knitting?

Beginners can be intimidated by the wide range of knitting threads, but everything is easier than it seems at first glance. The yarn can be either natural or synthetic. Each has its advantages: the first “breathes” and fits perfectly, the second has better texture, and it does not “prick” when worn. If you are looking for one, on, you can find yarn in various colors. On the yarn packaging, the manufacturer always indicates the optimal size of the knitting needles for these threads. Remember, the material must match the tool.

The bottom line

When the child has mastered the basic techniques, he will be able to learn how to knit scarves, toys, small decorative items. Remember that if the child does not like it, you should force him to do it in no case. Always help, explain and answer all questions. Perhaps a future designer and fashion designer is growing up in your family!

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