Otsimo: An affordable and effective app for Autism. If you are looking for an ABA based app for your children, this is the one you need!
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If you have ever downloaded an app for your child, I am sure you have seen all the ads that pop up. There are ads that pop up that I don’t want my four-year-old seeing.  There are others that though they may seem safe if he clicks on them it can take him onto the internet where he isn’t able to understand the dangers. So it is extremely important that I find games that are safe for him, but also are fun and educational.  Today I want to share with you about Otsimo, a special education app that teaches through game-based play.

What is Otsimo?

Otsimo delivers special education through a game-based learning app.  Play therapy is one of the best ways to reach children where there are and have them willing to participate.  Otsimo is great because it teaches children core skills that are vital to cognitive and behavioral development.  This system isn’t just a few games, it is jammed pack with games that can keep your child entertained and learning continuously. That’s because the creators made this app for those they love first and then to share with others.

The creators behind Otsimo have developed over 100 games, alongside educators and families.  More so, they have created a free open source AAC communication tool for nonverbal children in different languages. 


What Does Otsimo offer?

Otsimo offers a family friendly, kid safe app for children of varying needs.  No matter which version you select, it always ad-free.  There is a free version that offers several games to try out.  I can say their premium option is well worth the small price tag. 

Like the free version, it is still ad-free and kid safe.  The benefit is the 100+ ABA games, video modeling, and speech therapy for the child.  For the parents, it offers supports such as analytics, daily reports, and recommendations.

What types of Games are Available?

Each game inside of Otismo has customizable settings to meet the need of the child using it.  There are over 100 games, each one working on one of the following:

Core Skills, Daily Life, Numbers, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing, Communication, Puzzles, Geometric Shapes, Household Goods, Time, & Video Modeling

From the Co-Creator of Otismo, Zafer Elcik:

My brother was diagnosed with severe autism when he was 2 years old. I was 10 back then. He had been non-verbal and unable to read for a long time. I remember those days when we wanted him to speak a word.

He was having a hard time focusing and learning. But when I bought my first smartphone, I realized my brother has a special interest in smart devices, about 10 times longer than his usual attention to his surroundings. After that, I bought him an iPad as a gift.

Then I noticed a problem. There weren’t suitably designed applications for children with disabilities like his. Some communication apps (AAC) were too expensive, and the games were very difficult for him. Because of that, he could play only a few apps, some of which included ads that can be harmful to him.

So with my close friend, we decided to build a basic color game to teach colors to my brother. In a relatively short period of time, he became able to distinguish the colors. His interest and success inspired us to build games for every child who can benefit from them, and we created Otsimo, a mobile education platform for children with disabilities.

Otsimo: An affordable and effective app for Autism.  If you are looking for an ABA based app for your children, this is the one you need!one of the best autism apps, family-friendly design, adjustable game settings for kids, highly recommending Otsimo Premium

Where can you get Otsimo?

Whether you are looking for the free or premium version, Otsimo is available on both Apple and Android platforms.  I would highly recommend Otsimo to any family with autistic children.  Click here to download Otsimo today!

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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