Keeping the playroom clean and organized is a challenge to parents who can hardly find time to do the many tasks they are dealt with every single day But theres no other way to go around it Apart from cleanliness and order any parent must also prioritize playroom safety Youd be surprised with the many hazards kids are exposed to while having a good time playing
surprised with the many hazards kids are exposed to while having a good time playing.” class=”wp-image-9121″/>

Organizing the Playroom and Keeping it Safe for Kids

By Emma Harper

As the kitchen or bedroom is to parents, a playroom is to children. It is our children’s haven that makes them feel alive and happy. It is easily cluttered, and the mess easily puts you off that the little tots with little hands are capable of leaving.

Keeping the playroom clean and organized is a challenge to parents who can hardly find time to do the many tasks they are dealt with every single day. But there’s no other way to go around it. Apart from cleanliness and order, any parent must also prioritize playroom safety. You’d be surprised with the many hazards kids are exposed to while having a good time playing.

Organizing the Playroom and Keeping it Safe for Kids

Let’s go through the ways on how to organize a playroom and how to ensure that your kids are safe.

Baskets and bins are your best friend

When it comes to a playroom, it is not advisable to have tall and heavy cabinets to either climb onto or fall on them. To organize toys, art materials, books, and other stuff, a low bench with storage or a place for light baskets or bins would do. A simple toy rack (like this one) would also do the trick. Built-in storage would also work because kids can’t move or shake them.

Keep the playroom as neat as possible. Minimize clutter, don’t be afraid to let go of some things, keep the floor clear of bits and pieces that may cause kids to trip, and simplify every corner.

The art of letting go

It is also mind-blowing how quickly toys and kiddie stuff can get out of control. One day, there are just three toy trucks, and in a blink of an eye, you would have bought five more for your little boy.

Make an initial pass of the space on your own first, and evaluate which toys you can toss out without your kid ever noticing. You’ll want to keep those that you know your kids are still enjoying.

Next, bring the kiddos in to decide which toys are for keeps and which ones may be donated or put away. Remember that in keeping the house organized and clutter-free, being all sentimental never helps.

Go for soft, kid-friendly flooring

Kids like playing on the floor. They even like lying down on the floor and practically doing everything there. It is paramount that you invest in good rubber or foam mats or soft carpets or rugs.

They come in different playful designs and colors, or you can keep things looking crisp and clean with neutral-toned ones (like these affordable rugs).  It is also important to ensure that these mats and rugs are vacuumed daily and washed regularly to ensure your kid’s health and safety.

Set up alerts and sensors

Another way to ensure playroom safety is by using sensors. Attach them to windows so that you know if they’ve been broken into. You may also place them in hazard-prone areas to keep the kids out. These sensors are usually connected to your home alarm system so that you can avert if something irregular happens.

It would also be great to set up alerts so you could get notifications on security issues such as locked and unlocked doors, open windows, and warnings of smoke or deadly carbon monoxide. To maximize the security of your house for your child, make sure that you have a reliable alarm monitoring service that can make you secure day and night.

Beware of hazardous toys

Photo courtesy of Feeloona via Pixabay

Not everything cute and pretty deserves to be in the playroom. It is important to make sure that the toys you buy for your little ones are age-appropriate because those that are not can pose serious health and safety risks.

According to the New York State Department of Health, choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in children under 5. Apart from food, small toys and household items are also identified as major choking hazards. If you are a parent to toddlers, please get rid of small-sized toys that kids can easily ingest. Dress-up jewelry, toy parts, blocks, and hair clips must be placed out of your child’s reach.

Clay, crayons, and other art supplies, though often marketed as non-toxic, may still cause illnesses when ingested. Keep stuffed toys away from areas where your child normally falls asleep as it may cause suffocation. And before getting that trampoline, make sure your kids are old enough, supervised, or that the area supports it.

Be wise with furniture

Photo courtesy of Marc van der Chijs via Flickr


It is okay to be cheap when it comes to some household items, but not when it comes to the furniture pieces you would put in the playroom. Quality and durability are essential. Ensure that they are all installed securely to the wall or the floor and that they won’t be pulled down easily. Please don’t place a chair or a box that they could use to climb on them.

Cords and kids don’t mix

Getting rid of dangling and messy cables must be on your playroom safety checklist. Children could trip, strangle themselves, or get electrocuted. Make sure that all wires and switches are hidden or covered.

When it comes to window treatments, go for cordless blinds or curtains, or at least make the cords inaccessible.

Watch your kids all the time

If only parents can keep an eye on their kids all day long, they would. Good thing technology has made that possible. Maximize security in the playroom by installing a wireless security system so you can watch over them from anywhere in the house or have it connected to your mobile device so you can have a visual of them while you’re away at work.

Small and hidden surveillance cameras are also good “nanny cams,” so you can still watch over your kids even if they are being watched by someone else. These discrete cameras will also give you an idea of how your nannies attend to your kids.

Organizing the Playroom and Keeping it Safe for Kids

Never compromise the safety of your children. Make the playroom as safe as you can, and don’t leave anything to chance. Don’t leave a single stone unturned.

Emily is an Environment/Sustainability/Health and Women Advocate. She is fond of analyzing home structures and designs and have been a Home Stylist and Consultant. Emily is an active community member, concerning community improvement and security.

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