A New Moms Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen - Making that 4th Trimester a little easier

Oh how I remember that fourth trimester!  With a new baby in tow, trying to keep things together was certainly a challenge.  You want to keep things together, but you also want to relish in every moment of your new baby.  Today, our friend Faith McGregor has come up with her new mom’s guide to organizing your kitchen.

A New Moms Guide to Organize Your Kitchen

You have just become a mom and everything seems so confusing to you.  So many obligations, so little time. However, there is no need to panic since every beginning is hard. Rest reassured that once you learn the ropes of motherhood, you’ll simply enjoy it.

Here is some useful advice on how to organize your kitchen and prepare food for your baby efficiently. Let’s take a look.

A New Moms Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen - Making that 4th Trimester a little easier

Create a dieting plan for your baby

First things first, you have to create a detailed dieting plan for your baby. It will help you make sure that your newborn gets all the necessary nutrients and eats healthy food adapted to their age.

On top of that, you’ll be able to organize your time better and know in advance which groceries to buy. This way, once you start preparing food, you’ll have everything ready and thus save yourself the trouble of going to the store twice.

Conduct thorough research

In case you are not sure what food your baby should eat, don’t hesitate to ask other mothers for advice or conduct research online. Additionally, don’t forget to be on the lookout for groceries like eggs, fish and wheat. Such foods represent common allergens and are not a suitable choice for very young babies.

Instead, make sure to go all natural and stick to organic groceries like apples and carrots. You can put them in a blender and make a tasty smoothie for your child. Finally, avocado puree is great for the baby’s brain and their physical development. What’s best, you can prepare it in less than five minutes.

Equip your kitchen

Aside from concentrating solely on the dishes you should prepare for your baby, it’s important that you carefully organize your kitchen as well. For example, you should start by putting labels on all the mugs and containers. Owing to that, you won’t waste time opening each of them to find what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, in order to avoid having a long list of phone numbers for different kitchen appliance services, we advise you to go for a brand like LG. It has a comprehensive offer of various appliances, and you can equip your whole kitchen with their products. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and always know whom to call in case of sudden malfunctions.

Additionally, try to make good use of vertical space as well. Hang up your mugs instead of keeping them in an overcrowded cupboard. A well-organised kitchen can be a true lifesaver.

Adjust the time spent in the kitchen to your baby’s sleep schedule

One of the greatest challenges that every mom comes across is how to adjust the time she spends in the kitchen to her baby’s sleep schedule.

This may be hard at first, but once you learn your child’s habits, you’ll know exactly when you’ll have some free time to cook. This is extremely important because when they start crying, you have no other choice but to leave everything half done and go feed them.

Don’t let the dishes pile up

Finally, keeping your kitchen clean is of the utmost importance for two reasons. Firstly, you won’t risk your child grabbing some spoiled food and putting it in their mouth while you’re not looking.

Secondly, if you don’t clean it regularly, you’ll risk ending up with so many dirty dishes that you won’t have time to wash them once you realize you’re out of clean plates and utensils. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

As you can see, being a new mom in the kitchen is not an easy job. However, after a while, you’ll definitely learn how to deal with all your obligations and still have plenty of time to play with your child. You just need to make a good plan and stick to it.

Additionally, the way in which you organize your kitchen is important, too, so make sure to put some thought into its design as well.

There Ya Go!

Thank you Faith for your New Mom’s Guide for Organizing Your Kitchen.  Do you have more tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

A New Moms Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen - Making that 4th Trimester a little easier

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