My Santa Pictures - Capture Santa by the tree in your living room! Get your  My Santa Pictures Coupon Code for 50% off!


One of the thing I love best about our daughter Bean, is her belief in all things magical!  Though she won’t go anywhere near Santa, she fully believes in the Christmas magic!  I want to keep this innocence going for as long as I can! My Santa Pictures makes it simple to capture a picture of Santa by the tree!

For our kids (and sometimes, us adults as well!), seeing is believing.  My Santa Pictures makes it so easy to create an image of Santa in your very own living room.  Now how’s that for proof!

We created an image of Santa by our tree that our Elf on the Shelf will leave as a gift in Bean’s stocking for Christmas morning.  That way, I have an easy answer to how we caught Santa on film!


Creating the Magic of My Santa Pictures

Creating your magically photo takes less than five minutes.  All you do is take a landscape image of your living room, yard or where ever your tree is.  Then you upload it to the My Santa Pictures website.

After it quickly loads, its time for Santa! There are ton of Santa’s to choose from, so you’ll find the perfect one without much effort at all.  You can resize the Santa and even blur him out (for that lighting fast get away!).

Hit next and you now have a picture of Santa in your living room!  The cost is super cheap at $9.99, but you’re in luck.  As one of our loyal readers, you get 50%!  Just use coupon code: mrzluk7d at check out!


Win a free My Santa Picture!

Would you rather get your proof of Santa Clause completely free?  Just head on over to Instagram to check out the awesome contest being help by @MySantaPictures

Here’s how to win.  The folks at My Santa Pictures upload pictures to Instagram of Santa all through out the world.  The first person to comment (correctly) on each picture as to where Santa is, wins.  That easy!

Make sure to follow @MySantaPictures so you have a chance to win a photo of Santa by the tree!




Disclaimer: I received a free image in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


My Santa Pictures - Capture Santa by the tree in your living room! Get your  My Santa Pictures Coupon Code for 50% off!

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