Moving homes is a practical necessity (or even desire!) for most of us. Even with all the excitement, it can still be a very challenging time for the whole family. You might have found the perfect home from somewhere like South Charlotte Homes, but you still may find that the move is difficult.

Children strive off routine, so a huge shift like this can be very stressful for them! So what can you do to make moving day easier for children?

Ensuring that you factor the move around your children is so important. Surprisingly, it’s not the big things that make the huge impacts.

Tips to Make Moving Day Easier for Children

Sometimes, it really is the little things that make everything better! Check out these 3 best tips to make moving day easier for children.

Make Moving Day Easier Tip 1: The Transport

Heading to the new location is very important, of course. This means that you may need to drive long hours to reach the new home. If you can, splitting and planning this journey can help it become more digestible, even if you have to spend a night or two in a hotel for the best results.

Ensuring that your vehicle is more than roadworthy and prepared in advance is essential. We’d also recommend ensuring that you use a service like Shiply to transport all your goods from top to bottom, instead of worrying about filling your car with items to lessen the cost. A bulky car can often lead to discomfort, so make sure that the driving experience is pleasant and not just convenient.

Make Moving Day Easier Tip 2: Sustenance

A child must be allowed to sleep, eat well and drink plenty of fluids during this time. Using a child’s blend multivitamin can also help them support their immune system for this time of upheaval, which will take a toll on their energy levels and relaxation.

Sustain them with these things, and ensure that they have every opportunity for sleep. If this means driving in silence for a good number of hours, then so be it. That Chainsmoker’s CD can just about wait, and this will help you get your thoughts in order as an added side effect.

Make Moving Day Easier Tip 3: Play Time!

Children need play. This is not an argument from an emotional level, although it is partly that. However, children need play as a developmental tool, something to relax with and feel a sense of agency in the new world they inhabit.

For this reason, ensuring that they are in possession of toys the entire way, in-car entertainment, and that you don’t allow the entire affair to impede your sense of connection with your child. You’ll need to find a way to give them more attention, not less during this period.

This will help them understand on an emotional level that everything is okay, that this huge change in not something to be fearful of, and not something that threatens to take parents away from them.

There Ya Go!

These tips to make moving day easier for children will set your family up for ultimate success during your big move. What is your favorite moving day tip? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Nice ideas.Keeping kids busy is tedious task.Thanks for sharing

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