I’ve always been the one to take photos.  Being behind the camera is where I feel most comfortable and I absolutely loved photography.  I often find myself very uncomfortable in front of a camera.  So as no surprise, I am often not in any photographs.  This is the case for so many moms, not in the family photos.

I recently realized that there aren’t many photos of my mom, her mom, or even my Dad’s Mom.   Photo’s I would love to look back on but can’t simply because they do not exist.  Though I have memories, it’s not quite the same as being able to flip through a photo book and see moments that from a different perspective.

When my children are grown, I want them to be able to look back at photos and see me as part of their lives.  They can laugh at how similar they looked to me at their current age.  They can smile at all the silly things we did together and remember how awesome of a mom I am (well, that’s at least what I hope they say! Lol).

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When Mom’s not in the Picture: Literally, not in any photos!

This trend of moms being absent from photos has been going on since photograph became available to the everyday household.  We want to cherish those precious moments of our children, but we forget to include ourselves for them to cherish in the future.

Moms need to make sure they are in as many family photos as often.  Even pictures just of you being happy and yourself are an amazing addition to any photo book!

Start today by passing the camera to your husband, boyfriend, friend, parents, or even your child!  Let them take pictures with you in them.  Then, don’t go through and edit yourself!  You child isn’t going to look back and say “look at that cellulite” or “what was she thinking wearing that” (okay, maybe the latter but that’s just how fashion is, lol!) .  Your child will just see your happy face and the time you spent with them.

Once you have those photos, don’t just leave them in the cloud somewhere.   Get them printed to be able to really enjoy them.  Laura over at MoJo Savings has broke down just how easy it is to have photos printed for cheap and delivered free through Amazon Photos.

If you are overly tempted to not print those photos because you do not like how you looked, just let your significant other do the printing.  You can even share your Amazon Prime membership with your family.

Moms, Get in the Photo!

No matter how many photos you take, how you print them, or where you are, the important thing is to capture some of those moments, so your child can enjoy them in the future!  Because let’s face it, a shadow of your leg doesn’t count as being in the photo mom!

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