Parenthood highlights the value of time as kids grow up swiftly. From their first steps to their graduation, those years are undeniably busy. Raising children is both fulfilling and exhausting.

Children often have demanding tendencies, craving attention and expecting their parents to be readily available. Busy parents often prioritize their children’s needs over their own, leading to self-neglect, such as skipping meals and getting insufficient sleep. While these habits may be common among new parents, it’s important not to normalize them.

Meal Prep for Busy Parents

Food is crucial for well-being, so it’s important to be mindful of it during mealtimes, particularly for busy parents. Neglecting meals can lead to exhaustion when hunger and fatigue take over. However, preparing home-cooked meals can be time-consuming, causing a challenge for parents to juggle meal preparation and attending to their children.

Here are some tips you might want to consider to lighten your load during every mealtime:

Busy parents, don't neglect your well-being! Learn time-saving meal prep tips to enjoy delicious, wholesome meals without sacrificing your schedule.

Set A Plan

Many often get stuck thinking about what to eat for lunch or dinner. It’s much easier to decide for yourself since you know your tastes better. However, adding children to the mix might push you to think faster. After all, they’re not known for their patience—not to mention their fickle taste in food.

Plan your meals for the week as soon as you have the time; the ideal time to start planning is before the week begins. Use Mindful Menu or other menu planning apps to organize your meals better. Meal plans can serve as a source of inspiration whenever you’re stuck on what to feed the family.

Prepare Ingredients

Streamlining the cooking process can greatly benefit busy parents. One effective strategy is to prepare ingredients in advance. Washing, peeling, and slicing ingredients can be time-consuming, but doing them beforehand can significantly reduce cooking time and make meal preparation more efficient.  

While fast food may seem like a tempting alternative, nothing beats a home-cooked meal’s satisfaction and nutritional value. Even with impatient little ones, meal prep is the answer. Just remember to store sensitive ingredients, such as meat, seafood, and vegetables, in sealed containers in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and avoid spoilage.  

Hence, investing time in ingredient preparation is ideal, so busy parents can enjoy the benefits of wholesome and delicious meals without compromising their schedules.  

Reduce Dishwashing Time

You can’t cook dishes without leaving behind a mess. Dirty plates, pans, pots, and cutlery are some of the things that require your attention. Considering you’ve just finished cooking, the only thing that might be on your mind is to enjoy your hard-earned meal. But that doesn’t empty the sink.

That’s why meal prep is essential. Since you’ve taken care of most dishes, you only have a smaller mess to deal with once you cook. Still, avoid using all kinds of pans or pots for cooking specific meals. For example, you can use the pot for boiling pasta to cook stews once cleaned.

Put On A Show

As much as you love your kids, they tend to trigger anxieties in some parents, especially new ones. With their temper and yours combined, it’s almost impossible to think straight when they’re throwing tantrums left and right. Use technology to your advantage. Although some are reluctant to expose their kids to gadgets, those kid shows could be your ticket to calming them down.

Busy parents, don't neglect your well-being! Learn time-saving meal prep tips to enjoy delicious, wholesome meals without sacrificing your schedule.

Order Food Delivery

When time is tight, and meal preparation seems overwhelming, ordering food delivery can be a valuable time-saving hack for busy parents. You can choose between freshly cooked meals or conveniently frozen options with various food delivery services.  

Frozen meals can be a practical choice for parents who prefer buying bulk and storing food in the fridge. This way, you can prepare meals for the following days without worrying about what to feed your family.  

While relying solely on food delivery is not ideal, it can be a helpful solution during particularly hectic days or when you need a break from cooking. By taking advantage of meal delivery services, busy parents can ensure their family is well-fed while minimizing the time and effort spent in the kitchen.


Being a parent is an all-around job. The parent must oversee every chore from dressing up the kids to cleaning the house. Otherwise, they’re putting their kids at risk. Another risk parents could take is relying solely on fast food or pizza to feed their kids. After all, food delivery services are quicker than going through the trouble of cooking. But with proper meal prep and cooking habits, you can make something special for the family despite your busy schedule.

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