5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for a Move

So you’re making the big move. Papers are signed, you’re searching for the best coffee shop in the new neighborhood, you have been scanning online for some decor, and you are ready to pack up that truck and get to your new home as quickly as possible. But not so fast—your little ones might not have the same excitement about uprooting their young lives and living in a strange place. A move to a new home in town or even a new city might be one of the most significant changes they’ve experienced. Making Moving Fun for Kids is possible though!

Making Moving Fun for Kids

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Your kids are entirely within their rights to be mad or sad about the big move. Experts suggest that communication and remaining positive is the best way to ease their fears. Assuring them that not only will they keep their old friends but make brand new ones could mitigate any concerns about the loneliness they may be feeling, giving you and your child the piece of mind that they’re safe. 

Aside from that, there are ways to make this transition easier by Making Moving Fun for Kids

Making Moving Fun for Kids Moving is such an exciting experience but what about when your child's apprehensive about the move? Check out these 5 Great Tips to Get Your Kids Excited for Moving!

Here are some tips to drum up some excitement for moving into a new place:

Seek New and Fun Adventures Around Your New Home

Before you move, look for neighborhood spots that your kids will love. This could be a park, a playground, an ice cream shop, or a toy store. Tell your children about all of the fun they’ll have not only in the new place but around it. 

Make Your Kids a Part of the Move

Obviously, you won’t have your kids lifting boxes or hoisting furniture into the moving truck, but there are small ways the little ones can help. Why not set up a few boxes, label them with colors, and have your children organize and pack their toys, stuffed animals, or clothes. Let them know that their favorite things are going on the trip with you and they’ll be there when you arrive. They’ll also love helping mom and dad carry a few items to the moving van or car. 

Let Them Decorate Their New Room

Giving kids a little bit of control can go a long way in making them excited. One easy way is to let them choose how they want their rooms to look. Perhaps you could allow them to decide what shade of (your choice of) color they want the room to be. Or find three sets of sheets you love, and have the little ones pick just one out. Then let them think they were the tiny geniuses who made the selection. 


Make the Move Into a Party 

Have the last meal in the old home be a big party. You might be stressed, but you’ll need some time to relax too. Order pizza and play their favorite songs. Dance around the empty rooms and say goodbye to the old place. 

Be Excited Yourself

Your kids will pick up on how you behave. So be excited yourself—you’re moving to a new home you love. Why wouldn’t you be excited?!

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