Has your family opted to give you a gift card over a material gift? This season, spend your balance on something fun and valuable. And what could be more fun than an electric tricycle for adults? Or an electric cruiser? E-rides are the way of the future, but you may not have considered the actual range of benefits they offer.

Why Go Electric?

If you haven’t tried an e-bike, you may not know quite how they work. While most models feature one or more electric modes, you don’t have to engage them unless you want to. For much of the time you spend riding, your e-bike works like any other bicycle you own. Modern engines are so light you might not even be able to tell the difference. However, as you tire, electric modes can power you through rough spots.

E-bikes generally have one or two power modes. These are “pedal-assist” and “full throttle.” Pedal-assist works by easing your pedaling through slight motor force. This can help get over sudden or unexpected hills and inclines. Full throttle takes complete control of your ride and essentially turns it into a motorbike. This is great for days when you’ve already exhausted yourself, but you still need to get where you’re going. It’s also just good fun.

Leaving your new bike out while you run into the store will not ruin it either.  If you are wondering can electric bikes get wet, the answer to that is yes but you should still be careful with them, as they are not fully waterproof.

An electric beach cruiser or tricycle isn’t just an outdoor toy — it’s a vehicle. Whether you have a tough commute or spend your time delivering food for work, a motor can get you through your day without leaving you utterly exhausted.

Use Your Gift Card For A New Fun Adult Tricycle

Since tricycles have excellent storage space, they’re perfect for your side hustle or necessary grocery trips. They also have excellent stability for unpredictable street riding. If you live in a city or suburban area, a tricycle can be reliable enough to replace your car.

A 250 or 500-Watt models have a range of up to 60 miles, so, provided you’re ok with doing a little pedaling, you can get yourself pretty much anywhere you need to go. A full-throttle mode can carry you as fast or faster on a flat surface than most people’s maximum speed. Though 20 miles per hour or so doesn’t seem like too much speed in a car, it’s an entirely different experience on a bike, and everyone should experience the feeling of a cranked e-bike at least a few times in their lives.

Money Well Spent On Something Fun This Year

Whether you’ve had a rough year or the season is just getting you down, you should treat yourself to something fun and practical. E-bikes are pricy compared to regular rides, but they can quickly pay for themselves as they replace the food and gas needed to power other forms of transportation.

If you’ve been curious about an electric bicycle or tricycle but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, there’s never been a better time. The best models are more affordable than they’ve ever been. Just check this link: where to buy electric bicycle. Get riding today and give yourself the gift of freedom.

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