Little Wooden Wonders Product Review

Wooden toys are by far, my favorite of little man’s collection.  They inspire imagination, safe from bpa, tactile, and quieter!  I love the classic look of well-crafted wooden toys.  When I came across Little Wooden Wonders, I was instantly in love.  Little man instantly fell in love with the “Mama & baby duck.”

Buying wooden toys has so many great benefits.  The great thing about little wooden wonders is they are an eco-friendly brand. They provide you with a long-lasting toy that is made from quality craftsmanship and won’t break down with a few uses like many plastic toys.

One of my favorite features of wooden toys like these is how it benefits my children’s learning.   Without all the colors and extras bells & whistles, they can use their imaginations to transform the toy the way they want to.  The other is the long-term savings they provide.  Since they last longer, you don’t have to purchase new toys as often due to breakage and boredom.

A little about Little Wooden Wonders:

“Little Wooden Wonders started when our oldest daughter, Julia, was just a baby. My wife and I wanted to have safe toys for her to play with and inevitably put in her mouth.

I started by making wooden tethers and as she grew older, my toy designs grew too.  The tethers were first, then rattles and toys to walk with, followed by toy cars and puzzles.

My wife and I now have three children and each of them have inspired new toys and have been my toy testers along the way.

We are now able to add a special touch to each of our toys by offering personalization.  Our laser engraver will add a permanent engraving of your child’s name or any other special touch you would want included.  Custom requests are always welcomed.”

Little Wooden Wonders Product Review

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