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When I left my first Motto appointment, the team sent me home with my first set of trays called a Starter Tray.  These trays were to help get me used to wearing the trays and as an application tool for the whitening treatment.  The teeth whitening treatment was phenomenal!  I was blown away by how much whiter it made my teeth from the first treatment and how bright they were when it was done!  I also greatly appreciated the chance to learn how my aligners would feel and how to take care of them before the full treatment started.

Life with Motto Clear Aligners

When all my trays came in, the dentist placed some bonds on my teeth to help with my teeth’ movement.  I was sent home with the first ten sets of trays and instructions for the dental monitoring app and tools.  We made an appointment to come in on September 30th, and I was sent on my way.

The first few weeks of the process took a little more adjusting than I first thought.  The first thing that I noticed was the amount of pressure caused by the trays at the beginning of each week.  That said, the dentist warned me ahead of time about this because he had made sure to go over my medical file and saw that I deal with tension headaches.  I appreciated that he pointed out an area that I might struggle with within my treatment process and let me know how to alleviate the discomfort if it arose.  This type of discomfort was pretty much gone after about week four.

Part of the journey to a healthy smile has come with many dental appointments over the years.  When it came to my two front teeth, fillings were not enough to get me where I needed to be.  A couple of years ago, I wound up getting crowns placed on my front teeth.  The difference this caused in my appearance and dental health was terrific.  That said, it did cause a hiccup for my clear aligners.  

When I started my journey with Motto Aligners, I was set to end my treatment in just twenty weeks.  The thought of having the smile I dreamed of in just a short time had me thrilled.  So, when two of those bonds came off while I was out of town for the week, I was apprehensive about how that would delay everything.  The team got me in the same day I got back in town to see the dentist and discuss the options.  

Right away, the dentist made me feel at ease and that he had a plan in place ahead of time in case this were to happen. By the time it was done, my treatment was only delayed by a couple of weeks.  While I want to get to the finish line quickly, I am so happy that the team is doing everything to make sure that my smile looks great and is truly healthy.

One of the most exciting parts of the treatment so far is how I have been feeling about my smile as I move further into my treatment.  I am only halfway through my treatment, yet I have already noticed some changes in my smile.  Beyond the physical appearance the treatment is working on, I have also noticed that I am more willing to smile in pictures.  I have been so at ease with my smile appearance.  I think a lot of that has to do with the knowledge that my smile will soon be exactly how I want them to be and how well I am taking care of my teeth.

An unexpected change I have made since starting my smile journey has been my reduction in soda intake. While having aligners does not prevent you from drinking soda, you cannot freely drink soda like you would any other time.  To drink anything other than water, you have to remove your aligners and then make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly before placing the aligners back on.  Since I have had to be more conscious about what I am drinking, I have been choosing water more often.  While this was not an expected outcome of aligners, nor a solution for the caffeine cravings, it is a happy result for sure.

I cannot wait to share my next update with Aspen Dental with you because it will be the one where I show you the before and after photos!  This has been such a fantastic journey so far! 

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