How To Make Your Kids Love Their Appointment With The Dentist

Being a parent is quite a tough job. Among other things, it involves encouraging kids to maintain their oral health. You must brush, floss, and do all types of things so little ones can imitate.

The toughest part is to take the kids to the dentist, particularly when your one is loath to do the same. Like most children, chances are, yours will also get upset and try to evade the next visit to the dentist.

You can’t you make them miss the appointment? No, this is where you need innovative ideas and advice to bring little ones on the right track. Let’s look at how to make your kids love their appointments with the dentist.

Start young

Starting early is always a good strategy for taking your kids to the dentist. Dental experts advise making the kid visit the dental office by the time they turn one. It’s also important to maintain the habit so that your little ones don’t develop any misconception or fear about the professional or personnel per se. If you start late, chances are your kids will have developed a lot of negativity about the dentists, which becomes the basis of their fear. Remember that adults have been going to places like Babiner Dental for years so they’re used to it. It’s all new to children.

Show the dentist in a good light.

Some parents make the mistake of showing dentists in a bad light, which children pick up and develop negative attitudes toward them and the profession. This bad light often includes words like pain, drilling, tooth extraction, anesthesia, etc. Any child would feel afraid of hearing these words, which eventually becomes the reason behind their resistance.

On the other hand, if parents are cautious while discussing dentists in front of children, this can help develop a positive outlook towards them.

Take the child to a pediatric dentist.

Taking the child to a general dentist meant for adults is always a mistake. This can backfire, particularly in how your child might see the big dental instrument et al. and make a bad impression.

On the other hand, a pediatric dentist, like those at Ironwood Pediactric Dentistry, understands the child better and has specialized training for handling little ones. Right from the layout of the clinic to the handling of the child, a pediatric dentist will do everything accordingly to make kids feel comfortable.

Engage in role-play with the child.

Parents should engage in role-play with their children, where they should take turns to be a dentist and patient. In doing so, they will teach their kids what to expect at the dentist. You have to satiate the kid’s curiosity by letting them know everything regarding dental issues, etc. This will widen the dimensions of the kids and help them see dentists in a positive light.

Emphasize Good Oral Hygiene

Your child should know the importance of good oral hygiene. This will help them understand the utility of visiting the dentist quite often. You have to tell them how not maintaining oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and health concerns. When the kids know teeth and gums are key to having a perfect smile, they will definitely stop avoiding the dentist altogether.


Using a reward mechanism to encourage your child to dental visits is good. This might work big time as your child can feel tempted to give his or her best during such visits, and your work will be done. You can also contact an invisalign dentist queens and show your child the range of braces they can get in case there is dental alignment concerns.

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