Are you looking for ways of keeping your house clean with kids? These twelve tips will have your house clean with less stress for you!

As much as you might love your children, cleaning up after them is not something a lot of parents look forward to; the chaos of a cluttered home can be tiresome but can be eased with a good vacuum like the one at “. Keeping a house clean with kids might seem impossible, but it’s a task that must always be done.

When you first start having kids, you realize how difficult it is to get anything done with children around. You used to be able just to grab your purse and head straight out of the door. But now, you have to avoid tripping over toys and pick up discarded clothes from the floor amidst the baby’s cry to get out of the house.

Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

When you initially have your first baby, the two significant challenges you are likely to face are finding the energy to clean your house and having your hands free for you to clean. The use of baby carriers has made things a lot easier, but it takes practice to master doing the dishes with a baby carrier strapped to your front.

For most parents, dealing with a child is the beginning of cleaning problems; maintaining a clean house all by yourself with three or four toddlers can seem darn near impossible!

Here are some tips that will help you to maintain a clean home while retaining your sanity.

Restrict Toys To Certain Parts of the House

Informing your kids not to bring toys into certain areas of the house means that those areas will always be neat and clutter-free. Kids love to play with their toys, and they would instead remain in the room or area with their favorite toy animal.

By imposing this rule on your child, they’ll eventually learn and pick it up as a habit to keep one space of the house free of clutter, whether you’re in cleaning mode or not. Also, make sure to teach them how to clean up their toys right after playtime.

Allowing your child to leave their toys unattended can pose various safety hazards, such as falling and tripping. If you have smaller children, their sibling’s toys may also be a choking hazard to them.

Put your TV to Use 

Leave the mom-shaming at the door. It is okay to let your child watch TV while you get some chores done or even just a few minutes for a coffee!

Let your little one watch some PBS shows while you are cleaning without the additional help. An hour or so of screen time a day will not cause a digital addition in your child.

Plus, if you have them watch shows on PBS like Hero Academy, Sid the Science Kid, or Seasame Street, they will learn a ton of great information while being entertained!

Play Music

To keep your child entertained while you’re cleaning, you can also play the clean up song to introduce your kid to cleaning. Since children quickly pick up and memorize songs, teaching them a song like this will more likely make them inclined to maintaining cleanliness as they grow up.

Set Rules Guiding Playtime

As a parent, one rule to establish with your kids for keeping your house clean is to take one toy at a time to play with. If they want to move on to another toy, they should first return the initial toy taken to its rightful place.

When they do this, you should have fewer toys lying around. This will help reduce the number of times you must pick them up and return them to where they are kept.

Create Designated Spaces

The simplest way for anyone (kids and adults) to keep any place clutter-free is to have a designated place for all items. Having baskets or wooden bins for toy collections, upcycled shoe boxes for trinkets, or kid-height hooks for coats, will ensure everything has its place.

You can make it easy by labeling boxes or baskets to ensure your kids can quickly put away items, not in use, on your request.

Create an “Alone” Space for Yourself

Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed with the chaos around you; to help keep your sanity, create a haven for yourself in your home. Your spot should be a space you have complete control over.

When the madness begins, retreat to your sanctuary to calm yourself down and have some alone time. Still, ensure that your children are safe in their location and taken care of by another adult before spending your alone time.

During your personal time in your alone space, you can accomplish your self-care regimen after the tiresome cleaning. You deserve this self-care time!

Use Cleaners that are Kid-Safe

Part of keeping your house clean with kids cleaning is having to use some cleaners. However, cleaning with chemicals when you have kids walking around is a recipe for disaster.

Purchase cleaning products that will not harm your kids even if they were to come into contact with them. This will also enable you to clean regularly without having to wait until your kids are asleep.

Here are some potentially harmful ingredients that you should stay away from to keep your child safe:

  • Bleach
  • Petroleum solvents
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Triclosan

However, some of these ingredients offer excellent cleaning performance. If you want to use these ingredients in your cleaning products still, just make sure that cleaned surfaces have no product residue, then keep the products stored in hard-to-reach places.



Keeping Your House Clean With Kids by Getting Rid of Clutter Regularly

Nothing breeds more disorder than a cluttered house with kids; the more stuff you have in the house, the more difficult it is for your kids to learn where to keep things. For decluttering, the best place to begin is the bathroom, as you mostly put many non-sentimental items in there.

You must add decluttering to your monthly or quarterly routine as you will always have many items to dispose of if you have kids in the house.

Keep Surfaces Organized

It’s easy for your kids to leave things on a surface when they see it’s covered in knick-knacks; because clutter loves company, it might be tempting to add one or two items to the cluttered surface.

Keep surfaces neat and well organized to avoid attracting random objects that your kids can’t be bothered to return to their rightful place.

Keep it Simple

Aside from the fact that your kids might not fully understand your arrangement, a simple organizing system makes it easy for them to return an item to its original place. As a mom, you must make clearing up as fast and efficient as possible.

Create a Routine

One of the first things to establish in a house with kids is a cleaning routine. Encourage a daily routine that you can work into your morning or evening activities.

It’s also great to get the kids involved with the cleaning routine early on to help to keep the house clean. Once mobile, teach your child how to put back their toys when done. They can help with other chores such as dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and more at older ages. This is an excellent chart on age-appropriate chores:

Define “Clean” to your Kids

Many parents complain about having to re-clean any area their children have already cleaned; it might seem like their effort to clean isn’t always helpful, but practice makes perfect. It’s not enough to allow your kids to play “clean-up,” as you are setting yourself to fail.

Teach them how to perform a task correctly and monitor their work; with time, they will be able to carry out tasks in a way that you will be happy with.

For parents who have crawling kids or toddlers learning to walk, you must continually ensure that things are out of the reach of your child. Leaving items lying around within reach of a crawling child leaves a mess you will have to deal with.

Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

Taking care of your children and maintaining a clean home can be a taxing and frustrating task requiring both time and patience. The tips above will help you manage your home and your kids better.

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  1. Great tip about teaching your kids to clean up their toys after playing. My kids don’t do this unfortunately and everything is so dirty. I’ll have to hire a cleaning crew to pick up after my kids twice a week.

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