Being pregnant can bring about different feelings, pains, and experiences that you were potentially unprepared for. You might be full of questions, wondering why you didn’t know certain discomforts were common during pregnancy. Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Understanding your own body during pregnancy can feel like navigating in the dark when it comes to an understanding your own body. Pregnancy hip pain is one of the everyday struggles during pregnancy. Here’s everything you need to know about hip pain during pregnancy.

Is This Normal?

Yes! Hip pain during pregnancy is very normal. There are few things more common than hip pain during pregnancy. The worst part is that it can be so uncomfortable. 

Pregnancy hip pain typically occurs due to the amount of stress and tension on the sciatic nerve. The weight you are carrying puts pressure on this area, which potentially contributes to the hip pain you are feeling. Additionally, the body has to stretch and loosen to prepare for the act of childbirth. This natural process, on its own, can bring about discomfort to your lower back and hips. 

Understanding your body during pregnancy can feel like navigating in the dark when it comes to understanding your own body. Hip Pain During Pregnancy is common

When Does Hip Pain Usually Occur?

Pregnancy hip pain usually occurs within the third trimester of pregnancy. This is due to the increased weight and stress put on this location, as mentioned before. Additionally, the body is making natural adjustments, stretching, and loosening to prepare for giving birth to your child. 

Another possible time you might experience hip pain during pregnancy is during the second trimester. This pain sometimes comes about from ligament pain. It is sometimes characterized by sharp pains in the hip, groin, and abdomen area. All of these types of hip pain are very common during pregnancy. 

Tips and Tricks to Help with Hip Pain During Pregnancy

There are many different tips and tricks to follow to help alleviate pregnancy hip pain. Let’s look into ways that might help you out with your hip pain during pregnancy.


One thing to consider is safe pregnancy stretches. It can be good for you to stretch many areas of your body during pregnancy to alleviate discomfort and keep your body moving potentially. But, let’s first focus on targeting the hip area.

Here are some great stretches that will focus on your hip and lower back. Utilizing these stretches, you might find some relief for the hip pain you are experiencing.

  • Child’s pose
  • Standing quad stretch
  • Seated figure four
  • Bridge pose
  • Seated spinal twist

There are many other stretches to consider that are also safe for pregnancy. Here are some other possible stretches that could help relieve tension in your body:

  • Standing shoulder opener
  • Seated single leg hamstring and inner thigh stretch
  • Calf wall stretch
  • Seated side stretch
  • Side neck stretch
  • Lying chest opener

Getting your body limber and moving can help your body slowly adjust to the changes, supporting you through the discomfort that comes as a natural part of pregnancy.

Understanding your body during pregnancy can feel like navigating in the dark when it comes to understanding your own body. Hip Pain During Pregnancy is common

Pregnancy Products

To support your pregnancy pains, there are varieties of pregnancy products—specifically, products that support rest, relaxation, and soothing sensations for your mind and body. 

Here are some pregnancy-safe products to consider:

  • Therapeutic bath salts: bath salts are a great addition to any bath time routine. Bath salts can give your bath time that extra special touch to make it seem like a spa treatment. Soaking in a warm bath can help relax your entire body, relieving your hip pain during pregnancy.
  • Bath bombs: scents ranging from rose, chamomile, lavender, citrus, milk, and honey, you will find a bath bomb that creates the perfect, relaxing bathtime routine. 
  • Oatmeal lotion: oatmeal lotion can be soothing and relaxing. Another possible use for this lotion would be to massage it in the places you are experiencing discomfort lightly. 

With the right products, you can support yourself throughout the journey of pregnancy. You deserve pampering with products that can make you feel good and relaxed.

How Should I Sleep?

Sleep positions can be an essential key ingredient for overall comfort. When pregnant, try to sleep with your knees and legs slightly bent. You can also add extra support by putting a pillow between your legs. If you need even more support, there is nothing wrong with putting pillows behind your back and in other places around you to relieve the tension you feel.

Comfort is Possible

Despite the hip pain you may be currently feeling, it is essential to note that comfort is possible. Even if the pains are perfectly resolved, there are many strategies and ways to alleviate this pain, give your body what it deserves, and needs to reach comfort throughout pregnancy

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