A recent global study predicted that just over 50% of people worldwide would be overweight and plagued with obesity within the next dozen years. Experts now conclude that the obesity epidemic is worldwide and that individuals are not always to blame for their weight issues. Obesity has become a global chronic disease and has an economic impact that will reportedly reach over $4 trillion annually by 2035. 

With the parade of new drugs coming on the pharmacological scene, it is easy to get lost in the sea of promises regarding weight loss. Regarding medical treatments, sometimes drugs are used in what physicians call “off-label.” This means that a drug is prescribed to treat one condition, but it works on a different problem, yet they may not fully understand why.  

What is Amlexanox?

Amlexanox is not a new drug. It has been around for quite a while now. Originally amlexanox was used to treat canker sores and mouth irritations. For anyone who had braces in the 90s, it was a godsend allowing you to eat and talk without pain. Amlexanox worked as an anti-inflammatory, relieving irritation and pain while healing the sore. They weren’t even sure how it worked was the interesting part, but it did.  Just dab it on, and you’re done.

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Everything Old is Made New Again

Now there is a new reason to get excited about Amlexanox. There is evidence that amlexanox is again making big news in anti-inflammatory medicine. Inflammation is the body’s response to fighting off invaders. When you are sick or have an immune response to allergens, the body sends white blood cells to fight the problem, causing inflammation. 

How It Works in the Body

Amlexanox works by helping to stop the production of enzymes in the body related to fat storage and inflammation and is now recognized as a treatment for weight loss. Studies are finding that in clinical trials, subjects taking amlexanox weight loss capsules reported a reduction of the total body fat percentage as opposed to subjects who did not receive amlexanox.  

Amlexanox and Weight Loss

Inflammation is capable of causing your body to retain weight or, in some cases, keep gaining weight. Amlexanox fights inflammation that is responsible for obesity. It has come to attention recently that amlexanox can stop the enzymes that cause fat storage and inflammation in the body. Amlexanox works as an antihistamine in this case, similar to what you would take for seasonal allergies, only this antihistamine works by binding up an enzyme that helps to control fat storage and our old nemesis inflammation. Search online for “amlexanox weight loss” for more information.  

Long Term Success

Amlexanox could be life-changing for anyone who has spent their life yo-yo dieting. Controlling your weight is more than watching what you eat regularly. We tend to think of food and calories when talking about weight gain and weight loss, but the reality is that inflammation caused by stress, disease process, lack of sleep, and other factors contribute to our failure to lose weight and keep it off for good. 

By taking amlexanox and reducing the inflammation responsible for weight gain and retention, you are on your way to winning the battle against obesity. Consider asking your doctor about amlexanox weight loss as a solution for your weight loss needs. 

Amlexanox, Obesity, and Chronic Illness

By fighting the chronic inflammation that powers obesity and weight gain, amlexanox effectively becomes a crucial contender in the fight against many diseases spurred on by weight gain. Morbid obesity and the chronic inflammation that comes along with it can be attributed to diseases that afflict a large percentage of our population. A vicious cycle of inflammation, weight gain, and insulin resistance eventually sets people up for a lifetime of chronic illnesses, and Amlexanox could potentially solve some of these issues. 

Are There Side Effects?

Of course, with starting any new drug, even over-the-counter supplements, you should always talk to your doctor, including amlexanox weight loss treatment. There are food, supplements, and medications that are capable of interfering with your current lifestyle or prescription regimen. 

The good news is that the side effects of amlexanox are not very common. You will see, of course, a list of side effects listed with the medication, including some general illnesses, nausea or itching, amongst a few others,  but that is only because any time that even one person reports anything, it must be included as a possible reaction to the medication. That means that it must be listed if even one person reports sneezing as a side effect. 

In general, amlexanox is well tolerated by most individuals. As a standard measure of caution, if you are pregnant or nursing, or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before taking Amlexanox or any new drug. 

Consider Taking Amlexanox.

If you have been yo-yo dieting or are just beginning the battle of the bulge, you now understand the frustration of counting calories and practicing self-denial to find that you are not losing a single pound and sometimes actually gaining weight. What if you were to find out that your issues with weight gain and obesity aren’t necessarily related to the amount of food you consume or the type of food you enjoy? 

Through reputable science and advances in medicine, today, we understand much more about chronic conditions and the health issues common to so many people. With the myriad reasons for the rise of inflammation in the human body, including, but not limited to, environmental factors, stress, and lack of sleep, to name a few, finding a solution to the fight against inflammation is imperative. If chronic inflammation and weight gain could be an issue for you, amlexanox could be a potential solution. For more information on this fascinating topic, search “amlexanox weight loss.” 

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