Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

We often ignore foot and ankle problems and dismiss them. However, very few people know that it often indicated a more serious medical condition, like arthritis or diabetes. You may also experience pain and discomfort in your feet due to ill-fitted shoes. 

The best way to identify your problem’s real source is by getting a speedy diagnosis and recommendations from a trained podiatrist

10 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

podiatrist is a trained medical expert who can provide treatment for problems associated with your foot, ankle, and lower leg. They not only diagnose related conditions but also treat illnesses and perform surgery. Here are some of the reasons why you must visit a podiatrist. 

1) You started running every day

It is common for regular runners to feel prone to aches and pains. A podiatrist will be able to diagnose and detect potential problems. They will also be able to recommend treatments to avoid strain or discomfort. According to Top Podiatrists In Houston, you must seek a professional’s help in choosing the right pair of shoes for running to reduce the risk of injuries. 

2) Joint pain in ankles or feet

Arthritis is a common condition that plagues several people in the United States. If the joints in your feet are swollen, stiff, tender, or red, then you must see a podiatrist immediately. Arthritis that goes unchecked can cause irrevocable damage to your feet and cause disability. A podiatrist can recommend suitable treatments that can maintain joint health and make it easier for you to perform daily activities. 

3) You are diabetic

People with diabetes are vulnerable to foot and joint problems. The issues can be anything from severe infections to dry skin. If you have diabetes, you must get a foot exam at least once a year. When you have a podiatrist as a part of your healthcare system, they can help you reduce the risk of amputation by 50%! 

4) Persistent heel pain

There could be several reasons that are causing your heels to have pain. It could be due to a heel spur, a bony growth on your heels, or inflamed tendons that connect the heels. If you are experiencing consistent pain in your heels, you must visit a podiatrist for a diagnosis. The doctor will take X-rays of your feet and perform a foot exam to diagnose the problem accurately. 

5) An ingrown toenail

A toenail growing into your skin can not only cause pain but also infection. An ingrown nail impacts the big toe that can make it hard for you to walk. If a toenail is red, you must get it checked by a podiatrist for treatment. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medication or remove a part of the nail to alleviate your discomfort. 

6) Sprain or broken bone

When you sprain your ankle or have a broken bone in your foot or ankle, the best expert to visit is a podiatrist. They can diagnose the problem and suggest a proper treatment plan. A podiatrist is also trained in creating a flexible cast that makes the healing faster. A foot injury 

or trouble walking are also some of the reasons you need to visit a podiatrist. 

7) You require foot surgery.

Surgery is often the final resort when all other treatment options have failed. But if required, a podiatrist is skilled to perform a surgical procedure on your foot and ankle. Conditions that require surgery include ingrown toenails, broken bones, or bunions. 

8) Corn or callus

Corns are one of the most common reasons for people to visit a podiatrist. Calluses and corns are areas where the skin build-up is too thick. A podiatrist can recommend injections that can reduce the pain. They can also use a surgical blade to reduce the size of your calluses. It is not a painful procedure because it is a clump of dead skin. 

9) Painful bunions

If you notice a bump at your big toe base, it is known as a bunion. It happens when the joint or a bone is out of place. Bunions often tend to get worse if they are left untreated. You can visit a podiatrist to seek treatment or medication. They may also recommend surgery if your bunion is severe. 

10) Athlete’s foot

It is a type of fungal infection that can make the skin between your toes itchy. You can use an antifungal cream that can be easily bought from a pharmacist. However, if the infection doesn’t seem to improve from a topical cream, visit the nearest podiatrist for a prescription. They may also recommend antibiotics, depending upon the severity of your symptoms. 

Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

Don’t ignore your foot and ankle problems. If you experience any of these conditions, see an expert today. 

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