Back pain affects around half of working Americans, and it can lead to a variety of other problems. But identifying back pain can be difficult.

Identifying Back Pain: 5 Top Tips to Notice Back Pain

However, knowing how to identify back pain is the first step to treating the problem. Once you know what your pain feels like, you can resolve the problem. Seeing a chiropractor like the ones at Yuba City chiropractor can help ease your back pains greatly!.

Keep these tips in mind next time you or a friend might have back pain.

1. A Feeling of Muscle Aches

One of the best ways for identifying back pain is if your back muscles ache. You could have a dull sort of pain, and it can happen anywhere.

Different types of back pain can cause muscle ache. Lower back pain is common, but you may also have pain near your shoulders.

If your pain is near your shoulders, you can learn how to get rid of upper back pain. Then, you can get the achy feeling to go away.

2. A Stabbing Sensation

Sometimes, you may not have a dull ache, but the pain may be stabbing or burning. This could still be signs of back pain as long as you feel the stabbing from your back.

Like other types of back pain, you can feel the stabbing near your shoulders or closer to your waist. When checking for back pain, feel the different parts of your back to see what causes the worst reaction.

Then, you can select a treatment option for your pain.

3. Worse With Movement

When checking for back pain, you should move your back in different ways. You don’t want to stress your muscles too much, but some movement can help.

If you don’t have back pain when you’re still, movement may cause a flare. Consider twisting your back from side to side or leaning forward and back.

No matter what part of your back hurts, it may get worse with certain movements. Start with small movements and work up until you notice more pain to help identify the source.

4. Recent Injury

A recent injury may also help in identifying back pain. Depending on the injury, you may be able to tell that it’s the source of your back issues.

If you have any concerns about this, you should visit a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Your doctor can recommend treatment based on the extent of your injury and the source of your pain.

Then, you can work to get back to normal.

5. Medical Condition

Some medical conditions may also be the cause of your back pain. You may have a general condition, such as chronic pain, and that can affect your back.

However, you may have a more specific issue, like a herniated disc. In any case, you should visit a doctor to examine you for potential damage.

Your doctor can tell you what is causing the pain and how you can resolve it.

Identifying Back Pain

Many people will experience different types of back pain, and identifying back pain is crucial for your health. If you don’t treat your symptoms, they may get worse. So don’t hesitate to visit a doctor for professional advice.

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