A golf trip with your family is a worthwhile way to bond after a busy schedule. And, to take it to the next level, make sure you plan ahead of time. Not only is it better than going on your own, but you also get to bond with your family away from home with scenic views.

How To Plan A Family-Friendly Golf Trip

Planning helps you manage your golf trip correctly. With some planning, you can choose a perfect location, such as Rich River Resort which offers an ultimate golf package. With that in mind, the following is a detailed guide on how to plan a family-friendly golf trip:

With some planning you can choose a perfect location With that in mind the following is a detailed guide on how to plan a family friendly golf trip
Family with a child on a golf course

Listen To Your Family And Their Ideas

The first step to planning a successful golf trip is listening to the opinions and preferences of your family. Talk to them about the various golf courses available so they can choose. Show them the various activities in the area so they can make up their minds. It ensures every family member actively participates in the planning, expresses their ideas, and enjoys the trip. Also, you can have everyone write down what they’d like to do on the trip so you can include it in the itinerary.

Have A Budget

Set a trip budget and find a way to follow it. Even with an expensive hobby like golf, you can still enjoy it with proper budgeting. To save money, consider shoulder seasons right after, at the start of peak times, or off-season. Budgeting for your golf trip ensures you have enough money for most of the activities offered at the course. You can lower the budget by carrying your clubs and finding a cheaper way to move around the golf course.

Choose A Golf Course

There are many fantastic golf resorts, regardless of where you live. You need to decide which one you’ll be golfing at. Consider the following when choosing the course:

  • Do you want one in the country or overseas?  
  • What activities do you have in mind?  
  • Do you need one course or multiple?  
  • What transport will you need between courses?  
  • Do you want a public or private course?  
  • What’s the weather like during that time of the year?  
  • What’s your budget?  

Consider the above and any other preferences you might have as you pick the location of your golf trip. Also, look out for family discounts and promotional packages.   

Book Ahead 

You must book your tee times in advance. Golfing is quite popular, and you want to avoid arriving at the course with your family and finding no tee times available. That would not be very pleasant. Also, by booking ahead, you can pair yourselves. If you’re going to play as a twosome, the course can pair you up with another group.

With some planning you can choose a perfect location With that in mind the following is a detailed guide on how to plan a family friendly golf trip

Pack Your Clothing, Golf Gear, And Essentials

As part of planning, ensure you research your destination well so you can pack layers and you and your family are ready for any weather. Consider packing versatile items that you can use for multiple functions to reduce your load. And don’t forget to bring your golf bags to store all your golf accessories needed for the play.  For instance, golf clothes are multipurpose, and you can wear them as you travel and as your trip attire.

Here are some additional must-pack items:

  • Short or long-sleeved polo shirts with a collar  
  • Waterproof shoes for rainy days and wet grass   
  • Slacks or shorts with belt tops  
  • Pick earthy colors like khaki, gray, beige, or cream  
  • Quality sunglasses and hats

For plane travel, have a sturdy golf bag with wheels, and you can pack any other light travel essentials in there.

Consider Stay And Play Options

As you plan, you may want to choose a stay-and-play package. This package is convenient and a perfect fit when you want to avoid making the getaway arrangements yourself. Also, it’s a cheaper package, and you can have access to ‘inside information’ on popular golf destinations that suit your family’s fancy.

Hire A Tour Operator

Planning for your golf trip can get overwhelming, and sometimes you need help figuring out where to start. Consider hiring a tour operator to take care of the trip logistics. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a competitive golf course to get a tee-time reservation. A tour operator has experience and connections and can quickly get you what you want.

Plan Some Time For Extras

When planning your trip, leave some time for extra activities. Most golf clubs have extra fun activities, such as Punchbowl, and you should have some time to enjoy them. Set aside time to enjoy the compliments as you book your tee times.

Choose Between Taking Your Clubs Or Renting Them

Decide whether you’ll carry your clubs or rent some at the golf course. If the destination is close, you can carry your own. But if you’re traveling long distances, consider hiring because, as excellent as having your clubs, traveling with them over long distances might be burdensome and cost more money than necessary.


Golf vacations are a great way to play your favorite sport while spending screen-free time with your family. But planning a golf trip with different people with various interests and experiences can be difficult. Hence, the advice above makes your planning complete, easy, and seamless so that you can enjoy the trip.

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