How to make your workplace mother-friendly?

As time is passing by, more and more women are entering our workforce and contributing to the growth in the economy. Fortunately for us women and the world around us, things have changed for good.

Women have miraculously managed to run their professional and personal life with absolute grace. They are bagging better positions at work and thriving hard to climb up the ladder.

The work pressure is the same for everyone at work. However, you would agree that women have to fight harder to achieve the same goals as their male counterparts. No matter how hard they try, they would always have something else that needs their attention. Be it their families or their household chores or their work, they try to manage each diligently.

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Bearing a child is one such responsibility they take without any complains. They go through the pain of childbearing with a smile on their faces while at work. One might argue, that women don’t need to take up the task if it isn’t suiting their preferences at a time. But women take it mostly because it’s the natural course of action. Just some food for thought, imagine a world where no women are willing to bear a child?

But women take it mostly because it’s the natural course of action. Just some food for thought, imagine a world where no women are willing to bear a child?

The world would probably have to look out for alternative ways to make human babies for the future. One can’t deny the help men are putting into raising kids lately. However, raising a kid without a mother is known to be extremely difficult.

It might be possible to raise kids without a mother but that’s not something the world is comfortable with right now. Given the qualities women possess, child raising comes more easily to them than their counterparts.

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How to Make your workplace mother-friendly

Fortunately, businesses have started to understand how crucial it is to help mothers in their workforce. They are trying to understand the underlying problems mothers face in their workplaces. Eventually, a good work-life balance ensures their employee performs loyally and more effectively in the longer run.

Not every company is financially equipped to provide the resources or the extended maternity leaves, like bigger MNCs. Fortunately, this has never been a constraint on making a workplace mother-friendly.

Businesses are coming up with cheaper & creative ways of making their workplaces comfortable for the mothers. In some cases, employees work together to customize a plan that works for their benefit.

Here are some practical ways to make your workplace mother-friendly-

1. Have child-care facility on-site-

Most mothers hate leaving their child in the care of a stranger on days when their regular childcare isn’t available. This keeps them frustrated and concerned, diverting their whole focus from work. Providing an onsite childcare facility is the best way to have a mutually beneficial equation with your employee.

Gradually you will see less absenteeism, better turnover, and productivity. It’s the relieve the mother’s stress while getting the best out of her at work.

2. Include a lactation room and a free concierge service.

Feeding the child and changing its diapers are 2 of the biggest concerns any mother faces in public. Even law firms have started providing a mother’s room within their facility to encourage new mothers. Some companies help shipping mothers milk when she is away on a business trip.

Any small help to a new parent is highly appreciated by them. Arrange a service that picks up their groceries, plans events for them or just running any odd errand. This will allow them to spend more quality time with their families and manage a fine work-life balance. A happy employee is always a better performing employee.

3. Start babies at work program.

This might not be a very easy-to-implement program but is extremely helpful to new mothers. There are small companies around the world, that allow their employees to bring their child to work and work simultaneously. This is an amazing way to make your workplace mother-friendly

4. Start a working parents network for employees to share their concerns.

A working parents network can function as a support group for each working parent in your company. They all share the same joys and concerns, making it easier for them to connect and bond.

Personal hindrances or challenges do not seem so harsh when one knows that s/he is not alone. They can share their experiences, sorrows, and concerns and find the answer to their problems within the community.

5. Include a health and wellness center within your facility.

Children go through their share of illnesses and breakouts. It’s extremely stressful for a parent to focus on work with an ailing & unattended child at home. You can make things better and convenient for the mother by providing a wellness center within your facility.

This will allow the mother to relax when she knows that the child is in good hands. She will also have the liberty to check on her child as and when she pleases.

6. Check if you can serve hot lunch to overworked parents.

Overworked parents have a hundred different things running in their minds. Be it their child’s homework, medicines or just their pet’s vaccinations. In all this chaos it becomes tough to find time for their well-being. Food is one of the most basic yet neglected parts in a parent’s life.

Companies can take things of a parent list, by providing hot lunch to them. This will ensure the employee is happy and feels obligated for the help provided by the company.

7. Allow some re-integration period.

There are a lot of companies that are giving maternity leaves to their employees. Interestingly, some companies that are going a step further by allowing a re-integration period. It’s never easy to straightaway start working after a long period of the gap.

The new mother is still coping with the new schedule and has a lot running in her mind. Some mothers might not have had a comfortable pregnancy and are just tired. Re-integration periods allow the transition to be a lot smoother and stress-free for them. It allows the mother to have flexible time slots for a certain period of time, allowing her to adjust better.

8. Start fun family events.

You can start having fun family events which allow employees to bring their families together. It would be a great opportunity for people to connect and build a sense of togetherness & community. These events work as a great way of expanding their networks and finding help.

Chances are high that their kids will also find some friends at those events. It also a great way for their children to know about what the parent’s life is about. There are companies that encourage “Bring your Son/Daughter to work” days. The kid gets to meet new people and expand his/her horizons in a formal environment.

Making the workplace mother-friendly

You could be a single mother studying in University, you will have to worry about your academic assignments, your job prospects and also your household. You could also be a mother to a toddler working with a big MNC. But don’t worry, things are changing for good now. Companies and universities are trying equally hard to make their spaces friendly for mothers.

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