Probably the most underrated job in the whole world is being a mother. Mothers do a lot. They cook, clean, care for their kids and husbands, and do groceries. They have much more on their plates than they realize. 

On top of that, some moms must attend to their 9 to 5 jobs to help pay the bills. Being a mother is a lifetime responsibility, honor, and blessing for these women. So, it’s no surprise that  25% of survey respondents choose their mothers as the number one hero in their lives.   

How To Make Your Mom Feel Special On Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start planning how to make your mom feel more special. Although you should shower your mom with love and care daily, Mother’s Day is a one-day occasion dedicated to all mothers worldwide, celebrating and recognizing them for their efforts and sacrifices for the family.   

Make your mom’s special day memorable and maybe even the best with these gestures and gift tips for Mothers Day

Running out of ideas on how to celebrate Mother's Day? Read our blog to find out how you can make your mom feel more special on Mother’s Day.
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Buy her flowers but with a little twist. 

Flowers are the most classic yet timeless Mother’s Day gift. According to a recent survey, 47% of people prefer buying their mothers flowers. Flowers are followed by chocolates (36%) and gift cards (29%). 

Make your flowers for your mom more personal and unique by picking her favorites. Does your mom like roses? Orchids? Tulips? Maybe she doesn’t have a favorite but would love to receive a bouquet of vibrant flowers. Don’t forget to add a gift card to the bouquet.  

Take your time to write a thoughtful message on the gift card. You can express how you’ll always be grateful to her. Compliment her and then end the note with “I love you.” 

But here comes the twist: Give the flowers in a way your mom wouldn’t expect. Here are a few unique ways you can choose from:

  • You can surprise her with a bouquet and chocolates by putting them on her bedside table. Your gifts will be the first thing she sees when she wakes up. 
  • If your mom is planning to do grocery shopping, you can pay people randomly and ask them to give her a flower. Then you’ll be the last person to give her the bouquet. 
  • If your mom is working, visit her office and surprise her with your flowers, gift card, and other gifts you may want to add. 

There’s nothing like seeing your mom smile when you surprise her and tell her how much you love her. 

Treat her to a hotel or resort getaway. 

Did you know that 9.8 million mothers are suffering from burnout? Burnout isn’t just a catchphrase but a real and recognized health condition. Of course, it’s often unnoticeable because most moms are good at hiding their feelings. They prioritize their families so much that they fail to see they’re experiencing burnout, especially if they haven’t gotten a break in a long time.  

So, for Mother’s Day, give your mother a break she deserves. Treat her to a hotel or resort getaway. You can book a room at a luxurious hotel or resort with a pool, a view, room service, a bathtub, and other relaxing amenities. Even just one night will do her a world of good. 

Organize a get-together party with her best friends

Once women become mothers, one of the things they sacrifice and probably miss at some point is spending time with their friends. Motherhood can be lonely, so it will make her happy to hang out with her best friends. 

Plan a get-together party for your mom and her friends. Send invitations to her favorite people and come up with some fun activities they can do together. Don’t forget to prepare some food and drinks. 

Catching up with her old friends will be a much-needed therapy she didn’t realize she had been looking for. 

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Serve breakfast in bed. 

Mothers usually prepare meals for the family. Most of the time, they ask you some questions or give reminders like: 

  • I made breakfast. Join me, please?
  • Have you eaten lunch? 
  • What do you feel like eating for lunch?
  • What do you want for dinner? 
  • Would you like me to cook one of your favorites today?
  • Have you eaten your snacks?
  • Promise me you won’t skip any meal, okay? 

Mothers like to make sure you’ve eaten. So why not do the same for your mom? Spoil her with her favorite dishes. Surprise her with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  

Get up from bed before your mom does. Then cook her favorite breakfast and arrange the food in a tray with a cup of coffee or tea, flowers, a greeting card, and a lovely gift. This sweet gesture will make her day and her heart sing. 

Give your mom a day off from doing chores she dislikes

Doing household chores isn’t easy, but mothers do them willingly for their families. As per resources, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and mopping/cleaning the floors are some of the least favorite chores for mothers. Take care of these daily chores, so your mom can unwind and pamper herself. 

Plan a family activity. 

Mothers usually organize family activities, be it a road trip, a quick getaway, or a week-long vacation abroad. As fun as planning can be for them, it can be exhausting and time-consuming. They could experience decision fatigue from picking outfits, activities, meals, etc. 

Let your mom relax and plan a family activity that everyone would enjoy. You can host a simple family outing at the beach or park. If you want to splurge, arrange a week-long trip to a place that your mom has always wanted to visit. 

Whatever you plan, your mom will appreciate and treasure it for a long time.

Key takeaway 

You don’t have to go all out to make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day. Simple gestures like a beautiful bouquet or breakfast in bed will warm your mom’s heart. Honoring your mother is about showing how much you love and appreciate her for all she’s done.

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