Teenagehood is perhaps one of the most exciting phases of life when one clicks the age between childhood and adulthood. However, it doesn’t come without a few challenges as the teen undergoes numerous physical and mental changes.

How to Improve Acne: 5 Tips for Moms of Teens 

Now, acne is one of those mortifying problems teenagers face in this phase. It can be pretty intense, affecting their mood and self-esteem. As a loving mom parenting a teen, the good thing is that there are a few ways you can step in and help your child through this challenging phase. Here are five tips for moms of teens on how to improve acne.

Encourage Good Facial Hygiene and Skincare Routine 

Establishing good facial skincare practice is essential for improving acne problems. As a parent, remind and encourage your child to clean their face every morning, before bedtime, or any other time they feel sweaty with clean hands. And, moms, teenagers find you a nag if you repeatedly remind them of the same thing. But it’s the least you can do as a loving mom to a teen daughter.

Washing and cleaning the face is very helpful in this period. It removes dead skin, oils, and bacteria, thus preventing the pores from clogging. Discourage her from rubbing her skin. The last thing you want is to disturb already irritated skin.

Natural remedies are here to help you. Those will keep the skin microbiome healthy and protect it from environmental pollutants. Natural products have a vast range of selections, and choosing the best fit for your skin will be an exciting job.

For instance, if your teen has oily skin, you can choose aloe vera soaps that remove extra oils and keep only the small amount required to keep the skin from drying out. For instance, if your teen has oily skin, you can choose aloe vera soaps that remove extra oils and keep only the small amount required to keep the skin from drying out. However, if they have dry skin, you can choose natural goat milk soap to cleanse and nourish and moisturize the skin.

Despite that, these soaps can keep the skin hydrated for a day and make it feel soft. If you try to use drugstore soaps that contain harsh chemicals instead of natural ones, you can cause skin rashes.

Encourage Patience

The development of acne causes a destructive blow to the teen’s self-confidence. It is among the most trying phases in life for a teen, considering that acne is not one of those conditions that resolve overnight. The good thing is that it improves with time, patience, and the right treatments.

Surprisingly, even good sleep improves acne, according to scientific findings. As a parent, you must motivate your child to endure and remain patient while waiting for the acne to clear.

Take Problem Seriously

Life has become unbelievably expensive and demanding with the recent pinching economic times. Most parents are absorbed in hustling, trying to put bread on the table. This can cause a parent to ignore or expel a child if they raise any issues. Such a reaction can devastate your child if she suffers from acne.

Most parents don’t understand the chagrin and humiliation of acne breakout. Take time to listen to your child’s concerns. Take the problem soberly and get a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.  

Use a High-Quality Cleanser 

When suffering from acne, your teenage child must observe great caution. For instance, moisturizing and exfoliating appropriately will help unclog pores and prevent new acne spots from sprouting up.

On the other hand, a high-quality cleanser will help manage acne by eliminating excess oil, makeup dirt, and sweat through a facial cleanse. Make sure to get chemical-free products, like Tata Harper organic products, that won’t cause adverse reactions like inflammation on your skin or aggravate the situation. 

Visit a Dermatologist

While there are many remedies for acne, sometimes the situation demands medical intervention. Book an appointment with a dermatologist for your teenage child as soon as possible. They can help advise you on which over-the-counter skincare products are safe and which ones are not. An experienced dermatologist will recommend your child’s best and safest therapeutic options if the situation is complex.

Acne is not a small matter. As a mom, you need to take it with gravity. It can sink your child into depression or suicidal ideations, especially if peer pressure or intense bullying is involved. The above few tips will hopefully help improve your teenage child’s situation.

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