Many factors need to be considered when you’re apartment hunting. Of course, your budget is the top priority. After that, though, things like size and location are the following important decisions.

Unless you work from home, your commute is something to give serious thought to. Where do you go the most frequently? How will you get there from your potential new place?

How to Find an Apartment With an Easy Commute

Sitting in traffic for hours each day is a waste of valuable time and a significant stressor. If you can narrow down your apartment search to places that are easily accessible, by searching for austin apartments near me, for example, you’re going to enjoy your life a lot more!

So how do you find this magical transportation route in an area you’re probably unfamiliar with? These tips will guide you on your search for unique apartments with easy commutes.

1. Know What a “Normal” Time Looks Like

An excellent commute for one city dweller might be utterly ridiculous to someone who just moved there.

Take New York City, for instance. The major metropolis isn’t that big—about 300 square miles total. But getting from one point to another only a few miles down the road can take half an hour or longer!

If you’re moving to a big city from a smaller area, an “easy” commute might not be what you expected. This article ranks the top 100 cities in the United States by their commute times.

Be prepared to adjust your expectations depending on where you’re moving to.

2. Map Your Route

You don’t know where your starting point will be yet. But you do know the major places you’ll be headed. Grab or print a city map and then put an “X” on your everyday destinations. These should include your job, childcare or schools, gym if you go, and your favorite grocery store.

This visual aid might show you that narrowing your apartment search to a specific area is your best bet. Or it could be that you’re already all over the place, so finding the most convenient roads is vital.

Most people want to take the highway because the speed limits are higher and there are fewer red lights. But if you plan to head to the big streets, check out the reputation for traffic jams, construction, and other delays. You might be better off avoiding the highways and looking for back roads.

3. Take a Rush-Hour Drive

When you’ve narrowed down the neighborhoods by searching that makes the most sense, use them as a starting point and take your daily route. To get the “worst-case” results, do this during rush hour. Then, you’ll know what you can expect to be dealing with on a typical day.

Start at an apartment complex you’re interested in renting and follow through with your routine if this involves a stop at your favorite coffee drive-thru line, head there.

Pay attention to any congested areas or construction sites. Those projects will be going on for a while, causing frequent delays. Keep a notebook with you and when you get to each stop, write down how long it took you to get to the next point and any delays along the way.

4. Use an App

As with most things, when it comes to finding an easy commute, “there’s an app for that.”

There’s usually a typical route, but if you want to beat the traffic, use an app that can help. When you’re mapping out the commute, open your phone. Type in the planned starting point and see how many ways to get to your next destination.

Everyone knows about Google and Apple Maps. However, Waze, Citymapper, Mapquest, and other apps are becoming just as popular. Each one has its unique features. Play around with them and choose your favorite.

5. Avoid High-Rise Apartment Buildings

When hundreds or thousands of people live in one building, you’re going to have congestion. This is frequently seen in high-rise apartments with lots of living places and minimal parking spaces.

Trying to get out of the complex during rush hour is a headache. If you’re looking for the easiest commute, the last thing you should do is start stressed.

Check out apartments in the area that offer horizontal living, if possible. These communities work more like neighborhoods, with multiple houses available for rent. You aren’t packed in like sardines, so the commute starts stress-free.

This article by Christopher Todd Communities gives you more information about the benefits of horizontal apartments.

How to Find an Apartment With an Easy Commute

Traffic and its patterns will always depend on where you choose to live. But although you can’t change the other drivers, there are a few things you can do to make your commute easier.

Use these tips to pick an apartment with a low-stress ride to your daily destinations.

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