Your vehicle needs to change as your family grows. With all that precious cargo in tow, we feel pressure to make the right choice. It can be so hard to choose the best car for your family.

After finding out that we would be adding a new addition to our family, I realized our vehicle needs would change. Going from three to four children means all cars are off the list!

That left us with choices between trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Having been in an accident that left me with back injuries, I realized my choice would also be based on how high I could lift that car seat!

This knocked our list down to pretty much minivans and some SUVs. Even so, there were so many to choose from! Today, I want to share the knowledge I have learned to choose the best car for your family!

How to Choose the Best Car for Your Family

Choosing a new family vehicle is a significant event for any family. Wouldn’t it be great to purchase a car? You could enter some data into a form and out pop the answer to which is the best car for your family?

While there is no such form, there are some ways to narrow down the search. Making sure your new vehicle meets your family’s needs doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Let’s check out how to choose the best car for your family!

Your vehicle needs to change as your family grows. With all that precious cargo in tow, we feel pressure to make the right choice. It can be so hard to choose the best car for your family.

Safety, Reputations, and Value:

Knocking out some of the more common factors first, you need to consider safety first and foremost! Whether you buy new or used, you need to weigh the factors on how the vehicle drives. You can check out Kelley Blue Book to see all the data collected on each make and model!.

Reputation and Value are other significant factors. Make it a habit to check out the specs and features. Having a vehicle known for its high quality and Value is always a great deal of comfort! You also want to determine which vehicle will be the most cost-efficient for your family. That doesn’t just include the price tag. Consider maintenance costs and gas mileage as well!

Passenger Size:

Every family is different. A family with only one or two children might prefer a small vehicle like a Chevy Bolt. For a family with four to five children, that wouldn’t work. Take into consideration just how many seats you must have in your next vehicle.

Car Seats:

Will you need to use a car seat or booster seat? Or even multiples? Consider how much space is needed for each seat and the distances from the front seats to the back.

If you have multiple seats, you will need to see if you can maneuver those car seats through the rows. It’s almost impossible to get to the back row to work with car seats when there aren’t bucket seats in the middle!

Cargo Room:

Almost every vehicle has cargo room, but having the right amount for your family is key! Will you need space for strollers, special equipment, or large grocery runs? Many SUVs and Minivans offer seats that fold down and lower floors for better storage.


Vehicles these days come with so many options! One thing to consider would be how much technology you need or want. There are backup cameras, DVD players, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a massive list of extras these days! Decide what technology you want (or don’t want) before heading to the dealership!

Now You Can Choose the Best Car for Your Family!

But before we end this article, here’s a quick tip for those thinking of buying pre-loved cars. As car dealerships offer a short warranty, purchasing an extended warranty here may be a good idea, so you’re covered for any issue on eligible parts and components. 

That was our list for Choosing the Best Car for Your Family. Do you have any more tips? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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